WWE Backlash 2018 Results: Why AJ Styles Losing To Shinsuke Nakamura Would Be Good For SmackDown

May 7, 2018 - WWE

WWE Backlash 2018 proved once again that WWE doesn’t wish AJ Styles or Shinsuke Nakamura to remove to any other.

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Nakamura  should have degraded Styles in inexpensive conform and done story in a routine to turn a initial strictly famous WWE Champion in association history. The feat would have put SmackDown’s many prestigious pretension behind around a waist of a heel for a initial time given Jinder Mahal mislaid it to Styles in early Nov 2017, yet instead of a pretension being hold by a red prohibited heel performer, WWE couldn’t confirm who should win a hitch and requisitioned a argumentative finish again.

It’s no tip that well-booked heel champions typically make for a product, and WWE has struck bullion with Nakamura yet has nonetheless to go all a approach with him.

Make no mistake about it, Mahal’s six-month prolonged pretension power was a unfortunate ploy for WWE to boost business in India, and yet a evidence suggests that didn’t occur during all, Mahal did resolutely settle himself as a detested midcard heel as a outcome of his pull on SmackDown final year. WWE, however, expected has aloft hopes for Nakamura, whose pull might also have something to do with a new success of New Japan Pro-Wrestling and WWE’s arriving shows there, yet is some-more about giving a blue code a new tip heel to build a programming around.

WWE, after all, was clearly holding a bit of a risk by branch Nakamura heel. Given his denunciation barriers and his undeniable popularity, it was distant from a pledge that fans would accept Nakamura in his new heel role, yet it’s worked out splendidly so far. Nakamura has some-more movement as a heel than he had during any indicate during his babyface run on a categorical roster, and maybe only as importantly, he is now positioned as a extensive mean enemy for SmackDown’s considerable line-up of tip babyfaces.

At last, a blue code now has a clever iota of fan favorites consisting of Styles, Daniel Bryan, Jeff Hardy and Randy Orton.

Though not as low as a babyface side on Raw, SmackDown’s doesn’t have to be since it is a two-hour uncover as against to a three-hour one, definition probably all that happens on a blue code is some-more obvious and to a point. Now, with Nakamura using a boat on a blue brand, WWE finds itself with a heel who both feels uninformed in that purpose (because he only incited final month) yet has a proven lane record of being a able superstar as he was in NXT.

SmackDown’s TV ratings usually increasing in both 2016 and 2017, yet that burst was most some-more conspicuous (17%) in 2016 when a show’s tip heel was, ironically enough, Styles. We’ve seen a blue code onslaught mightily in a ratings dialect when it does not have a clever heel to build around, as was a box in early 2018 when viewership plummeted for 6 true weeks during a clearly everlasting pull of Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn.

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