WWE Backlash preview: Styles-Nakamura headlines WWE’s third vital uncover in a month

May 4, 2018 - WWE

6:11 PM ET

It’s not WrestleMania and it’s not a Greatest Royal Rumble. Still, after a whirlwind of an Apr for a superstars of WWE, Backlash kicks off a month of May with another pay-per-view-level event.

While this uncover feels like a letdown compared to a aforementioned dual events that preceded it, Backlash represents a vital miracle in a possess right: a lapse to co-branded pay-per-views. The stars of Monday Night Raw and SmackDown, behind together for a initial time outward of a “big four” given a 2016 code subdivision draft, will brew army to take a best of what any uncover has to offer.

Five titles will be on a line during a Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey, on Sunday, and nonetheless there competence be something of a hangover impact usually 9 days after a Greatest Royal Rumble, there are still some poignant moments in store.

WWE championship (No DQ): AJ Styles (c) vs. Shinsuke Nakamura

What’s during stake: First and foremost, a biggest men’s pretension on SmackDown Live is adult for grabs. It’ll be a third uninterrupted vital eventuality for Styles and Nakamura, and it feels as nonetheless no matter who a leader is, they any need to pierce something large to a list in what is a likeliest compare to pretension Backlash.

SmackDown Live formula – A muted go-home uncover brazen of Backlash

Outside of The Miz doing what he does best on a mic, zero truly changed a needle on SmackDown Live and unsuccessful to pierce any additional fad to Sunday’s Backlash pay-per-view.

  • Monday Night Raw formula – Consistent storytelling a plea brazen of Backlash

    Another Monday, another set of boos for Roman Reigns who lacks a viable argument and is all of a remarkable operative alongside a male he spent many of 2017 fighting, Braun Strowman

  • Greatest Royal Rumble results: Lesnar retains Universal title, Strowman wins Rumble

    The highlights of a first-ever Greatest Royal Rumble uncover in Saudi Arabia enclosed Braun Strowman’s feat in a 50-man Royal Rumble compare and Brock Lesnar’s argumentative Universal pretension win.

  • After all a hype, a initial dual bouts were mostly underwhelming. Yes, their WrestleMania compare was decent, nonetheless if not for a Nakamura’s unwashed low blow and spin to a dim side, it would have been an afterthought in a prolonged term. Styles and Nakamura picked adult a gait during a Greatest Royal Rumble, nonetheless a double count-out left fans feeling unhappy and dissatisfied.

    Even if Roman Reigns-Samoa Joe eventually ends adult being a categorical event, there’s a lot of vigour here as this compare is certainly a star attraction. The recently total no-disqualification chapter will no doubt play a role, nonetheless there is some risk in that as well. Will steel chairs and other unfamiliar objects detract from their in-ring capabilities? Will they find themselves throwing punches outward a ring and even over a barricade? Hard to say, nonetheless an all-out travel quarrel will not offer fans or Styles and Nakamura well. A high-flying compare with a transparent leader is what’s indispensable here.

    Prediction: On a grand theatre of WrestleMania, a time seemed right for Nakamura to finally arise to a tip on Tuesday nights. But a altogether oomph cause isn’t there with such a win during Backlash. If Nakamura is going to turn champion, it has to meant something. Even with Styles carrying a corner in a win column, there has to be comeuppance for all of a low blows. He’d be improved served watchful for Money in a Bank or even SummerSlam before his climb on a higher-profile show.

    That said, marker this one adult to a classical box of honeyed revenge, as Styles wins a stellar hitch with a low blow of his possess and a unusual forearm.

    Roman Reigns vs. Samoa Joe

    What’s during stake: In short, momentum. Reigns, while not a Universal champ, is undoubtedly a “big dog” he claims to be on Raw. At some indicate in a nearby future, he is going to have that belt; it’s usually a matter of when. There was a time when it seemed as nonetheless he competence settle for some some-more time outward a pretension picture, generally during a ephemeral reunion with his Shield brethren and a pull of Braun Strowman. But that’s not a box anymore. Not other performer, including Strowman, is expected to have a spot during Brock Lesnar’s pretension in a entrance months, and Lesnar and Reigns usually keep finale adult conflicting one another.

    As for Joe, he is returning from a three-month interregnum due to a feet injury. He’s squandered no time removing in a brew with a tip stars on both shows, initial with Reigns and, as we saw Tuesday, a provoke of a stirring argument with Styles. A detriment to Reigns on Sunday wouldn’t be a outrageous shock, nonetheless it would be a momentum-killer. With his pierce to SmackDown, Joe is going to be in a tip row of storylines for utterly some time.

    Prediction: No approach Reigns loses this match, not clean anyway. It’s unsatisfactory that Joe will have to play a victim, nonetheless he’ll miscarry in due time once he plants himself resolutely in a WWE championship mix.

    SmackDown women’s championship: Carmella (c) vs. Charlotte Flair

    What’s during stake: We’ve pronounced it for months, nonetheless SmackDown Live desperately needs a bona fide heel on a roster. Be it a Welcoming Committee, a Riott Squad, or whatever is left of Absolution, no one has been means to make a burst from mid-card standing to something we demeanour brazen to as a energetic villain. Even as champion, Carmella doesn’t fill that blank — not yet, anyway.

    The large doubt here is either a artistic group gives her an event to see what she can do with a belt after a prolonged army with a Money in a Bank briefcase. Charlotte is apparently Charlotte, and even though a championship, she is going to be a tip pull and could get divided with being on a outward looking in for a few months.

    Prediction: Carmella will reason on to a title, nonetheless it’ll take some division by a IIconics or some other form of attribution function to get a pursuit done. It’s usually too shortly for her run to end.

    Raw women’s championship: Nia Jax (c) vs. Alexa Bliss

    What’s during stake: Given all a relocating tools given WrestleMania ended, Jax has had small time in a spotlight to showcase her newly minted standing as champion. But we have to consternation if a preference to endowment her a belt is usually short-term, as her feel-good story doesn’t accurately seem to pierce a needle. Bliss is a illusory heel and a estimable champion — someone who can stir adult debate with her mouth as good as anyone this side of The Miz.

    Still, a WWE finished Jax wait a prolonged time before attack a apex, and to an extent, she has to be an impulse to so many determined performers and fans.

    Prediction: Tough call, nonetheless Bliss takes behind a title, usually to remove it again to Jax in a destiny matchup. With Asuka on SmackDown and Ronda Rousey still in what appears to be a prolonged widen of shadowing some-more determined stars, Bliss needs to be a heading lady — during slightest in a brief term.

    Intercontinental championship: Seth Rollins (c) vs. The Miz

    What’s during stake: The Miz’s legacy, obviously. With a win Sunday, he’d tie Chris Jericho with a record 9 Intercontinental titles. Further, The Miz is shutting in on Pedro Morales’ all-time record of total days as a IC champ. But in an inter-brand conflict during Backlash, he would have to flog a man who has been on a large hurl in new months.

    A integrate of years ago, Rollins was a substructure of a WWE as a tip champion, before a knee damage struck during a truly inappropriate moment. He finally seems like that man again, and during some indicate in a subsequent year, he is going to be lined adult for a Universal title. Rollins produces night in and night out, regardless of a competition or circumstance, as we’ve seen in new weeks. By far, he and Finn Balor are in a midst of a many sparkling adversary on Raw (and presumably all of WWE TV).

    Prediction: There’s roughly no possibility Rollins falls unless a WWE wants to chuck a curveball and pierce a Intercontinental pretension to SmackDown. That’s unlikely. If anyone is going to eventually take divided Rollins’ belt, it will be Balor.

    United States championship: Jeff Hardy (c) vs. Randy Orton

    What’s during stake: Not a lot, nonetheless Hardy deserves a shot to uncover what he can do as a singles performer — something he has not finished a lot of given returning to a WWE a small some-more than a year ago. While there’s not a lot of feverishness between him and Orton during this indicate in their particular careers, this could really good finish adult being a conflict of a night by a time Backlash concludes. On Tuesday night, we were reminded usually how good Orton stays in a ring. He is jaunty and intense.

    On a downside, he is in unfortunate need of a good storyline. For utterly some time, Orton has been forced to play a babyface role, either it was opposite Jinder Mahal or Bray Wyatt or someone of that ilk. Orton is simply stronger as a villain.

    Prediction: Hardy wins in a good match. Fans adore him, and he’s usually removing started on a new proviso of his WWE run divided from hermit Matt. It’s too early to take that movement away.

    Daniel Bryan vs. Big Cass

    What’s during stake: Sadly, a whole buildup to this compare has been rather of a joke. Big Cass, apparently, is sceptical of a fan appreciation his arriving competition has perceived given creation his in-ring return. And Cass’ smiling toward Bryan has been officious cringe-worthy. Still, he’s a soaring presence, and it would offer WWE to give him a possibility to freshness into a big-time heel. What improved approach to start than opposite a dear Bryan? Cass had a brief army as a singles aspirant before ripping his ACL in a Brooklyn Street Fight final August, nonetheless it wasn’t all that compelling.

    For Bryan, he is entrance off a record-breaking opening during a Greatest Royal Rumble, where he lasted over 76 minutes. But this will be a initial possibility for fans to watch him contest in a one-on-one compare on pay-per-view in scarcely 3 years. While there isn’t a ton in a approach of long-term ramifications, there has to be a clarity of vigour to not disappoint.

    Prediction: C’mon, we can’t have Bryan lose, right? This compare has all a makings over a opening bout, where fans will roar in unison. He’ll win and flog things off on a high note.

    Braun Strowman Bobby Lashley vs. Kevin Owens Sami Zayn

    What’s during stake: Well, nothing. You can’t have a pay-per-view sans Strowman. You can’t omit Lashley, who is clearly lined adult for a large pull now that he is behind in a WWE squared circle. And we can’t omit Owens and Zayn, who usually switched brands and need some arrange of action. So because not usually chuck them all in a ring during a same time and call it a day?

    Prediction: Strowman and Lashley. No other probable outcome.

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