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June 30, 2015 - WWE

Although there are dual estimable pretension matches that will approaching squeeze a lot of a spotlight during WWE Battleground, there are some stars who, during a moment, don’t have anything planned.

Seth Rollins locking horns with Brock Lesnar and John Cena vs. Kevin Owens for a third true pay-per-view make for dual hugely appealing matches, though what of a other tip talent who don’t have a compare booked?

There’s options all opposite a label to confederate these stars into possibly matches of their possess or contests involving other tip talent. With Dean Ambrose maybe a many distinguished instance of an new star, let’s start with The Lunatic Fringe and afterwards inspect how some a other big-name Superstars can be requisitioned during Battleground.


Dean Ambrose

With Brock Lesnar behind on a stage in WWE, Dean Ambrose has regretfully had to take a step divided from a categorical eventuality stage forward of Battleground.

He does so with some clever movement and wish among his fans that when Lesnar vs. Rollins is done, a intensity for Ambrose to pierce behind into WWE World Heavyweight Championship row remains.

But for now, what’s subsequent for The Lunatic Fringe? That depends on either a WWE wants to chuck him into another argument or keep him active as a side further in another adversary until a mark in a pretension design opens adult again.

Should a association go with a latter and have him boyant around someone else’s argument (which is a approach things seem to be going during a moment), afterwards him stability his devotion with Roman Reigns seems like a best option.

Ambrose has story with Bray Wyatt himself, of course, and a dual former Shield members adhering together on a same page is apropos rather of a theme.

If he’s in Reigns’ dilemma during Battleground, afterwards that would during slightest not dedicate him to a vital adversary that competence not do many for his momentum. However, if WWE opts to array him opposite someone, afterwards maybe a subsequent man competence be a suitable option.



Right now, it unequivocally doesn’t seem like a WWE knows what to do with a newest Money in a Bank briefcase holder.

Sheamus‘ win during Money in a Bank was a vital shock, and though any transparent trail toward a intensity universe pretension win during a moment, he needs some movement and a vital pull fast.

So if Dean Ambrose is to conduct into another argument while Seth Rollins is bustling traffic with Brock Lesnar, afterwards  The Lunatic Fringe could be a best fit for The Celtic Warrior right now.

Ambrose is arguably a company’s many over babyface during a moment, and that’s a size of star that Sheamus needs to argument with to give him some credit as a destiny universe champion.

Him violence Neville on Raw this past week did small to boost his standing, and that’s not meant to means disregard to a immature Englishman.

Sheamus and Dean Ambrose have had their tussles in a past, and if a WWE is looking to give a Irishman some prestige, afterwards he should argument with Ambrose, starting during Battleground. Failing that, a returning Randy Orton competence be another suitable fit.


Randy Orton

What is one to make of Randy Orton’s station within WWE during a moment?

He is now divided from radio and is not in any arrange of storyline, though with him approaching to lapse for Battleground, according to Nick Paglino of Wrestle Zone, he needs something to occur forward of that show.

Given how he and Sheamus feuded quickly before Orton went away, they could be unfailing to accommodate during Battleground. But as mentioned previously, a argument with Dean Ambrose competence be some-more suitable for Orton.

So where does that leave The Viper? It’s tough to call. If he doesn’t argument with Sheamus, a WWE competence return to form and chuck him behind into some form of adversary with a member of The Authority.

Kane would be a many judicious choice in that respect, though we get a feeling Orton needs a change of instruction rather than going behind down that route.

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