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July 11, 2015 - WWE

Battleground’s categorical eventuality is a competition where literally anything could happen.

We could see face turns, we could see heel turns, and we could expected see a new WWE universe heavyweight champion being crowned.

It’s tough to suppose Brock Lesnar losing clean during a hands of Seth Rollins, that naturally opens a doorway for The Authority’s numbers diversion to take over and capacitate Rollins to take nonetheless another victory.

However, there has to be a indicate where Rollins stops winning dirty, and Battleground could good be that point. 

What would work good here is for Rollins to go off on a totally opposite tangent, and if Lesnar is to win, afterwards division from The Authority that costs Rollins would be a good snake to finish a night off.

That would lead toward Rollins fighting Triple H during SummerSlam while also putting a belt behind on Lesnar, who is majorly over during a moment.

Triple H and Kane should come down to demeanour like they’re going to save Rollins though indeed lay him out and let Lesnar win.

The usually risk with that devise is ensuring Lesnar doesn’t spin heel in a process, as he unequivocally seems to be operative as a babyface. 

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