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July 17, 2015 - WWE

Q: True or False: Sheamus will remove his WWE Heavyweight Championship compare when he eventually cashes in his Money in a Bank Briefcase.  

AB: True. There’s always a probability it could start during Battleground, given a intensity for anything to start in a compare directly involving a Authority, yet whenever it does occur, it’s tough to see Sheamus winning a title. Although his heel run has shown glimpses of encouragement, it’s tough to see where he gets a compulsory movement to rouse himself to universe pretension level. Granted, a MITB briefcase is all about transforming someone into a star in one night, yet Sheamus doesn’t have a feel of a universe champ right now. Match Prediction: Randy Orton

EB: False, if usually given that would kill Sheamus’ heel impression dead. He is already stranded in dilapidation and mislaid only about each compare in that he’s competed given winning a briefcase. If he fails to constraint a pretension when he cashes in, it will exceedingly harm his credit as a legitimate heel during a time when a register is desperately in need of pretension villains. Where he fits in a categorical eventuality scene, though, is a large question—one WWE Creative substantially did not consider through. Match Prediction: Randy Orton

AM: False. I’m not utterly lustful of Sheamus, yet WWE’s coronet seem to still consider he’s someone estimable of their admiration. Because of that, I’m awaiting a duration in 2016 to be clinging to him dethroning whichever babyface takes a pretension off Seth Rollins in 2015, that will fundamentally lead to a championship power that we am horribly wearied with. Two people have mislaid their cash-in attempts already, and if it’s loyal that Sheamus was designed to win this for utterly some time, there are substantially skeleton to put a belt on him rather than for it to be for nothing. Match Prediction: Sheamus

DW: False. WWE Creative is scandalous for engagement Money in a Bank briefcase winners poorly, yet it is really singular to see a challenger not money in successfully, generally a heel. Heels such as Sheamus wait until a champion is beaten down before cashing in, that roughly guarantees a pretension change. Add in a fact Brock Lesnar leaves for months during a time, and a briefcase will be a pivotal to gripping a belt on TV. After holding a RKO from Randy Orton on Raw, Sheamus will collect adult a win during Battleground. Match Prediction: Sheamus

BJ: True. Outside of a utterly estimable storyline, there’s no reason why Sheamus should explain a tip pretension over a subsequent twelve months. He’s a good talent in terms of compare quality, and his lapse has given his impression new life, yet he’s not a WWE World Heavyweight champion during present. Let’s see something opposite with a briefcase—for instance, have him use his money in to align with a Authority and insert himself into a tough compare to assistance Seth Rollins secure a successful defense. Match Prediction: Sheamus

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