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July 9, 2015 - WWE

WWE Battleground is reduction than dual weeks away, and we sojourn during 5 matches on a card, all of that were announced in a evident issue of final month’s Money in a Bank pay-per-view.

While many of a formerly announced matches make adult a flattering strong lineup for a B-level pay-per-view, there are still potentially underwhelming spots on this card, generally if one considers a rivalries that have been grown in new weeks that are expected to make it onto a Battleground card.

With buildups that have been some-more hiss than sizzle, which matches (booked and yet-to-be booked) have a biggest intensity for disappointment? 


Rusev-Dolph Ziggler

We competence see a true one-on-one compare with these dual or a churned tab group compare to concede Lana her initial in-ring action. In possibly case, this angle is passed in a water.

Rusev’s feet damage suffered in his compare conflicting Ryback on May 28’s Smackdown attacked fans of a evident compare between him and Ziggler. That story, that could have concerned Rusev attempting to win behind a Lana’s love, could have had legs.

Instead, Rusev was sidelined for weeks and became a creepy stalker. WWE Creative could have left this angle alone for a while, giving a extensive workman like Ziggler someone else to combat while Rusev healed. Instead, they stranded him in throw-away matches and soap-opera situations until Rusev healed.

Including Summer Rae was ill-conceived. It’s an try to make Lana some-more than a prize in this feud. Her chemistry with Rusev is ungainly during best. She’s never been a plain adequate in-ring performer to rouse her opponent, so seeking for her to potentially lift a immature Lana in a compare is sad thinking.

This angle has a makings of a long-running play expected to widen by SummerSlam, that is unfortunate. Both Rusev and Ziggler merit better. They should be competing for championships. Instead, they’re fighting over a prize in Lana, who should be given her possess story, as well.


SheamusRandy Orton

Like a prior scenario, this compare isn’t strictly requisitioned for Battleground. However, it’s usually a matter of time. The subsequent pay-per-view is in Orton’s hometown of St. Louis, and these dual have been feuding given any returned to a register progressing this year.  

This is unpleasant to write since these dual have good chemistry in a ring. They have plain matches and adequate of a backstory to widen this argument along for a while.

The beating comes in a artistic direction. There’s zero personal about their duel. We’ve relied on Michael Cole and association to tell us that “these dual unequivocally don’t like any other.” That competence be excellent for an part of Raw, though there needs to be some-more to extend a feud.

What WWE Creative has finished in a Bray Wyatt-Roman Reigns build should have been replicated with these dual Superstars. Instead, we have small some-more than a fight with no context.

Maybe that will come in a subsequent week and a half. Maybe Orton gets a shot during Sheamus’ Money in a Bank briefcase. Or maybe we’ll get some-more sparring with small background.

My theory is a latter.


Ryback-Big Show-The Miz

We’ll finish with a usually compare that’s strictly booked: The Triple Threat Match for a Intercontinental Championship.

After Ryback won during Elimination Chamber to turn a intercontinental champion, we wrote that he was merely a placeholder until WWE motionless on someone who could rouse a title. My co-worker Alfred Konuwa took a conflicting opinion, saying Ryback could supplement life to a belt.

WWE’s evident proceed was to put Ryback in a story with Big Show, a ultimate movement killer. As we wrote before Money in a Bank, “[A] Ryback win over Big Show doesn’t rouse a IC title. It competence raise his story, though that’s it.”

And that’s a problem. Putting these dual in a ring seems like zero some-more than a placeholder. Adding The Miz feels like a approach to get some-more movement in a ring, though he doesn’t seem a picturesque hazard to possibly man.

And even if WWE Creative decides to take a belt off Ryback during Battleground, we wouldn’t design possibly of his opponents to reason that pretension for long.

One probable scenario, post Battleground: Should John Cena remove his United States Championship to Kevin Owens, it wouldn’t be startling to see Cena placed in a argument conflicting a winner. Cena has shown he can rouse a asleep title, and this competence be WWE’s approach of solemnly bringing Cena behind into a categorical eventuality fold.

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