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July 19, 2015 - WWE

Reaction and Highlights

Undertaker is back, and he has already done a outrageous impact on a WWE.

After Brock Lesnar took WWE universe heavyweight champion Seth Rollins to Suplex City and back, a division from Undertaker authorised Rollins to keep his pretension and live to quarrel another day.

The matchup between Rollins and Lesnar had a big-fight feel entrance in, and a hitch lived adult to a hype. Right off a bat, Lesnar pounded a champion with ferocity, throwing him around a ring with suplex after suplex.

Rollins was means to mountain a few descent comebacks and substitute a Beast, though it was Lesnar who dominated a vast apportionment of a bout. Just as Lesnar strike his F-5 finisher and looked to take a feat and a championship, a drum struck, and a locus lights went out. When a lights came behind on, Undertaker was there with a chokeslam and dual Tombstone piledrivers.

The WWE Universe should now ready for a month of build before a SummerSlam compare between Lesnar and Undertaker. This also gives Rollins a possibility for a purify line-up and a new storyline relocating forward. Hopefully it’s with anyone though Kane.

This was a furious finish to a furious PPV card.


Match Grade: B

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