WWE Battleground 2015: Worst Matches in History of PPV

June 26, 2015 - WWE

Although 2015 outlines usually a third book of WWE Battleground, a dual prior ones have offering adult both a reduction of good and bad matches.

Some of a finer matches have been exceptional, while some of a ones that arrange toward a bottom finish of a scale have been truly forgettable (or noted for all a wrong reasons).

But what were a misfortune matches in a comparatively brief story of WWE‘s Battleground pay-per-view, as we demeanour forward to this year’s edition?


The Real Americans vs. Santino Marella and The Great Khali (2013)

The WWE Tag Team Championships weren’t on a line during a initial Battleground show, though a label did underline this weird and absurd tab group match.

The Real Americans weren’t accurately a misfortune group ever in WWE history, and with Zeb Colter by their side, they valid to be a useful and engaging further to a multiplication during a time when peculiarity was severely tough to come by.

But here, they were adult opposite maybe a many absurd pairing in tab group history, squaring off opposite a doubtful twin of The Great Khali and zero other than Santino Marella.

The miss of credentials and proof to a compare left it feeling like zero some-more than a seared further to a label in need of matches to beef it out, and a outcome was wholly inevitable.

Lasting small over 7 minutes, Cesaro and Jack Swagger discriminating off Marella and Khali with small trouble.


Curtis Axel vs. R-Truth (2013)

It now seems implausible to consider that this was a compare for a vital championship, though these dual group met with a Intercontinental Championship on a line during Battleground dual years ago.

This was behind in a time when Curtis Axel had been repackaged to seem alongside Paul Heyman, and for a while, had a critical push.

He was on a decent hurl streamer into Battleground in 2013, that was hold in Oct that year, though this compare opposite R-Truth felt like zero some-more than filler, in truth.

It was hardly pay-per-view quality, and Axel’s rather mundane, tasteless invulnerability felt like zero some-more than a compare that didn’t unequivocally matter.


Fandango vs. Adam Rose (2014)

It was on a pre-show granted, though this last-minute further to final year’s Battleground label was arguably one of a misfortune bouts in a story of this ephemeral event.

Credit: WWE.com

It was usually combined to a label during a really final minute, though bizarrely, both men’s introductions roughly lasted as prolonged as a entirety of a match.

The many important partial of a competition was a daze from Layla and Summer Rae, and when Rose pinned Fandango with a Party Foul, it brought to an finish one of a many forgettable bouts in Battleground (and new WWE) history.

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