WWE Battleground 2017: John Cena Defeating Rusev And 5 Smart Booking Decisions

July 23, 2017 - WWE

WWE Battleground 2017 is headlined by Randy Orton vs. Jinder Mahal and John Cena vs. Rusev, and it’s SmackDown’s last possibility to spin things around before SummerSlam.

Credit: WWE.com

Credit: WWE.com

The blue brand’s viewership has trended in a wrong direction given WrestleMania 33 in a issue of a “Superstar Shakeup,” that seems to have harm what had consistently been a great SmackDown show after final summer’s code split. Fans can see it, too, with SmackDown struggling to sell tickets for mixed pay-per-views recently, including Backlash and Battleground.

But now, Cena is back, and we’re headed toward SummerSlam, when seductiveness in a WWE product tends to increase, presumption WWE can give a fans something engaging to watch, that is. As of late, it has felt like SmackDown is only coasting by with muted storylines and feeble requisitioned feuds that have done a uncover a distant cry from it was even only a few months ago, when it was widely suspicion to be WWE’s best show.

What needs to change? Well, of course, it all stars with a booking, and Battleground gives WWE a possibility to get that engagement behind on track.

Here are 5 intelligent decisions WWE contingency make during Battleground in sequence to set adult a blue code for a successful SummerSlam.

The Conclusion Of Randy Orton Vs. Jinder Mahal

Credit: WWE.com

Credit: WWE.com

WWE officials were initially gratified with Jinder Mahal’s WWE Championship win, though as his power has left on, ratings have become a means of concern for those within a company.

Perhaps that is given Mahal has spent his whole WWE pretension power feuding with Randy Orton, and a longer that their adversary has left on, a staler and some-more tedious it’s gotten. Now, we’re during a indicate where a adversary contingency finish one approach or another, and in all likelihood, it will be Mahal maintaining his pretension over Orton during Battleground that does a trick.

While it’s a intelligent business pierce to keep a pretension on Mahal as partial of WWE’s efforts to enhance into India, “The Maharaja” clearly needs a new competition to freshen adult what has grown to be a rather walking pretension reign, something that a blue brand’s struggling viewership has reflected. There are reports suggesting that Cena could be that guy, and that argument would apparently work wonders for Mahal and SmackDown in ubiquitous for apparent reasons.

Regardless, it’s clearly time for Orton to pierce on to a opposite argument and maybe even bear some arrange of impression change, pardon adult Mahal to continue building as a heel and do so with a many some-more wise foe.

AJ Styles And Shinsuke Nakamura Both Win, Potentially Setting Up A SummerSlam Match

Credit: WWE.com

Credit: WWE.com

Even though John Cena, a blue code has dual marquee babyface stars to build around: AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura.

Consider all a hum Styles’ new US Championship feat during Madison Square Garden combined (and a 1.2 million views it generated on YouTube), and it’s easy to see since Styles, whose recognition seems to have exceeded that of even Daniel Bryan at his peak, is arguably a many amiable full-timer on a blue brand. Styles connects in a approach with fans that done him WWE’s many renouned new star and (likely) a very clever sell seller final year. Nakamura, meanwhile, has a prolonged story of headling sellout NXT shows and has been a big YouTube hit given fasten a categorical roster.

Despite all that, we could disagree that Styles hasn’t been employed to his full intensity given branch babyface after WrestleMania 33 while Nakamura hasn’t either. That’s a contrition given Styles is radically a No. 3 or 4 babyface in a company, and Nakamura could potentially get there as well, given a right booking.

There are rumors that a dual could be headed for a strife during SummerSlam in what would positively be a money-drawing dream match, one that is nonetheless to occur in WWE though happened final year during Wrestle Kingdom, that is New Japan’s chronicle of WrestleMania. But regardless of either or not that compare will occur now or during WrestleMania 34, both Nakamura and Styles could use wins to assistance them build adult some momentum.

After all, if anyone is going to lift a blue code when Cena is not around, it should be those two.

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