WWE bloody with bullying accusations

April 9, 2017 - WWE

by: BJ Bethel, Dayton Daily News
Updated: Apr 8, 2017 – 10:08 PM

WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon speaks during a news discussion on Jan 8, 2014 in Las Vegas, Nevada.
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World Wrestling Entertainment, a largest pro wrestling association in a U.S., has been stubborn by accusations of bullying over a final week after a remarkable depart of a renouned radio announcer and a book published by a former ring announcer.

Mauro Ranallo, who announced ice hockey, mixed-martial humanities and fighting before being hired by WWE in 2015, was blank from a promote of WWE’s “Smackdown Live” on USA Network several weeks ago. Ranallo’s promote partner, John Layfield, bloody Ranallo’s deficiency on Twitter, observant continue wasn’t an forgive since a “rest of a organisation done it” to a arena. He after deleted a tweets. Layfield done disastrous plead of Ranallo during a broadcast.

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Ranallo, who in a past suffered from bipolar disorder, was traffic with basin according to an disdainful news from Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer, who pennyless a story in his weekly newsletter. Layfield also bloody Ranallo during a non-character talk shred on a company’s streaming service, WWE Network.

Ranallo’s conditions collected some-more courtesy after a new recover of a book by former WWE ring announcer Justin Roberts called “Best Seat in a House.”

Roberts wrote about being bullied constantly by Layfield, including him seeking dual wrestlers to take his pass while WWE was on an abroad tour. He was after teased about a occurrence by WWE owners Vince McMahon after a meeting. After Layfield denied a claim on Twitter and referred to Roberts as an “idiot,” former WWE wrestler John Hennigan told a website Deadspin a occurrence happened. In an talk with author David Bixenspan, Hennigand pronounced he and his tab partner were asked by Layfield to take Roberts pass while on house a plane. Hennigan pronounced they took it since of prior bullying they had suffered during a hands of Layfield and fear of repartee if they didn’t.

After Roberts’ book was released, Meltzer pronounced he was contacted by 15 former WWE employees who pronounced they were bullied by Layfield, and was approached by some-more in Orlando during WWE’s Wrestlemania eventuality final weekend.

“They like degrading people,” Roberts wrote in his book, quoted by Bixenspan of Deadspin. “They like shouting during people. The approach wrestling is party to us wrestling fans, degrading people was only party to a bosses.”

Layfield is a former wrestler and a remarkable batch consultant who frequently appears on Fox News business programming. He has been a theme of debate in a association for years for bullying and regulating genuine punches and kicks in a ring opposite wrestlers who were next his turn in a association hierarchy.

Numerous wrestlers have oral out about Layfield after they left WWE. YouTube has dozens of interviews where former performers plead harassment, bullying and holding genuine blows from Layfield while wrestling him in presumably choreographed matches.

CBSSports.com reported Ranallo is not approaching to seem again on WWE television. He also deleted all mentions of WWE from his Twitter account. He will sojourn a lead play-by-play commentator for Showtime boxing.

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