WWE Botching a Stardust vs. Goldust Feud Should Come as No Surprise

March 20, 2015 - WWE

Since a seeds were planted for a dissection in a 2015 Royal Rumble match, all signs forked to a Stardust vs. Goldust compare during WrestleMania. Longtime fans of both competitors had waited for years to see this compare and were happy to know it seemed to be finally entrance to fruition.

The pointed teasing of tragedy between Stardust and Goldust in a weeks that followed a Rumble was good done, with Stardust walking out on his hermit after any of their losses. It culminated in a younger kin branch on Goldust on a Feb. 16 book of Raw, cementing a separate in a process.

Instead of logically building to a initial ever compare between a brothers, WWE opted to give it divided during that Sunday’s Fastlane pay-per-view. Unfortunately, it backfired.

To their credit, Gold and Stardust contested a decent matchup, though a Memphis throng was comparatively wordless for it. Worse yet, a arbitrate screwed adult a 3 count for Goldust, withdrawal a assembly confused as to how to react.

They continued to argument for another week before a storyline was forsaken altogether. An reason was never given as to because Stardust and Goldust never resolved their adversary with both instead relocating on to other things going into WrestleMania.

From what it seemed, a story was that Goldust was perplexing to pierce behind Cody Rhodes from a Stardust character. It was expected heading to Stardust removing his large win over his comparison hermit on a grand stage, though that is sadly out of a cards during this point.

All that said, WWE dropping a round on a Stardust and Goldust angle shouldn’t come as any surprise.

WWE is scandalous for starting something and afterwards giving adult on it roughly instantly: The New Day is a primary example. They were creatively put together as a heel fast over a summer, though were incidentally private from TV a brief time after before resurfacing with all-new characters in a fall.

However, it’s a totally opposite box with Goldust and Stardust. This is a adversary fans have been painful to see not usually for a final few months though rather for a final few years. To consider they were on a fork of removing their WrestleMania impulse together creates it even worse.

What isn’t intolerable about this move, however, is this is a fourth uninterrupted year this has happened with a loving duo. If story has been any indication, we can’t ever design WWE to do right by them during The Show of Shows.

Their initial compare opposite any other scarcely came during WrestleMania 28 where Cody was roving high as a Intercontinental champion. Goldust, as Dustin Rhodes, confronted him on a Dec 30, 2011 book of SmackDown, apparently indication a compare between them down a road.

It was around this time Goldust was heavily petitioning (h/t 411Mania) confronting his hermit during a event, usually for his ideas to get shot down by management. Cody finished adult operative opposite Big Show in a common compare instead that killed any movement he had going, while Goldust was expelled from a association a few brief months later.

The following year, Goldust done his intolerable lapse to WWE in a 2013 Royal Rumble match, quickly battling his hermit before removing tossed out by him. WrestleMania 29 would have been a ideal place to do that prolonged expected one-on-one match, though again, Creative had other skeleton for a second era star: a mixed-tag group compare that eventually never took place.

Goldust after came behind to a association to take partial in an angle that tumble that saw a Rhodes family argument with The Authority. During that period, he did some of a best work of his career and won a WWE Tag Team Championship with Cody in a categorical eventuality of Raw.

Third time’s a attract with WrestleMania 30, right? Regrettably, no.

After dropping a belts to The New Age Outlaws during a Royal Rumble, Cody and Goldust were squandered for a whole highway to WrestleMania. we wrote an article shortly before a eventuality observant because they deserved improved than a Andre a Giant Memorial Battle Royal, and one year after my position on that hasn’t altered a bit.

As noted, their creatively designed compare for WrestleMania 31 being scrapped is an even bigger crime deliberation Goldust is impending a finish of his wrestling career. How wise would it have been for Stardust to finally get his win over Goldust usually to welcome him following as Cody?

Instead, Stardust will be one of 7 combatants in a Intercontinental Championship Ladder Match. Surely, he’ll have a stellar performance, though his impasse in that compare isn’t required and a compare would be only excellent though him.

Meanwhile, Goldust will be competing in a mostly directionless Andre a Giant Memorial Battle Royal for a second true year. Needless to say, he deserves most improved on his approach out of a company.

I’d be calm if we got a fortitude of a adversary during all entrance out of ‘Mania, though they missed their possibility and unsuccessful to strike when a iron was hot. Based off their lane record to underutilize a Rhodes boys, their latest flub with them isn’t astonishing, though that doesn’t make it any reduction disappointing.


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