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August 2, 2018 - WWE

Surrounded by family and friends, including his father and veteran wrestling fable Jerry “The King” Lawler, Brian Christopher will be remembered as a male who brought fun to millions of WWE fans during his run alongside Scotty 2 Hotty in a tab group famous as Too Cool.

Jerry Lawler was holding his son’s palm when his life support was incited off during Regional One Health medical centre in Memphis 3 days ago. He was 46.

Brian Christopher, who forsaken Lawler from his name in an try to forge a wrestling career outward a vast shade expel by his father, had been rushed to sanatorium after attempting self-murder inside a jail cell.

It was a perfection of a comfortless turn that had seen him arrested twice in 2018 while also being beaten so badly by another former wrestler he indispensable medicine on his face.

But it’s his genocide while being kept in siege during Hardeman County Jail that has stirred snub in a wrestling village and an review by authorities.


Brian Christopher Lawler (right) graphic with his father Jerry The King Lawler. Picture: Youtube

Brian Christopher Lawler (right) graphic with his father Jerry “The King” Lawler. Picture: YoutubeSource:Supplied

Brian Christopher was arrested for splash pushing and escaped detain after military speckled him speeding and swerving in his automobile on Jul 7. Officers attempted to lift him over though he primarily refused to stop and smelled of ethanol when he was eventually apprehended.

Twenty-three days after he was found comatose in his jail cell, where officers achieved CPR before holding him to sanatorium where he after died.

Former WWE star Sean “X-Pac” Waltman purported Brian Christopher had been kept in unique capture in jail notwithstanding a comparatively teenager charges he was facing.

“I’m saddened over difference by Brian’s death,” he wrote on Twitter. “He and we were tighten during a time in WWE together. we have many good memories of Brian both inside a ring and out. No one though a many dangerous criminals should be kept in unique capture for roughly a month.”

When his chronicle of events was challenged — other reports suggested Brian Christopher had been removed since of his prominence — Waltman twice insisted he was in unique confinement.

The Hardeman County Sheriff’s Office pronounced they had no denote a former wrestler was suicidal though a Tennessee Bureau of Investigation is looking into a death.

“At a ask of 25th District Attorney-General Mark Davidson, TBI Special Agents are questioning a resources surrounding an occurrence involving an invalid during a Hardeman County Jail …” a TBI pronounced in a statement. “The review stays active and ongoing.”

Jerry Lawler told radio hire FOX13 “there might be some-more to this than meets a eye” after being contacted by a TBI and told not to criticism serve until a review was complete.


Jerry Lawler is a wrestling legend, laying explain to some-more than 150 championships during his veteran career in a 1970s and 80s before apropos an iconic colour commentator in a WWE. He had dual sons with his initial wife, Kay, both of whom became wrestlers.

Brian Christopher began his career in a United States Wrestling Association where he achieved for a decade in several tab teams.

His initial incarnation in a WWE was as a light heavyweight aspirant though after unwell to make an impact he was recast as a egotistical fun-loving Grandmaster Sexay alongside Scotty 2 Hotty in Too Cool.

What began as a treacherous gimmick became an comprehensive prodigy as wrestling fans gay in a comedic duo’s ability to take a show.

Their celebrity usually increasing when they were assimilated by Samoan-American wrestler Rikishi, who would renovate into a sumo-sized fill-in dancer whenever he donned a crazy sunglasses a contingent done famous.

They seemed during WrestleMania XV and XVI and after degraded Edge and Christian to turn Tag Team champions on an partial of Raw.

“Brian and we were opposite people outward of a ring,” Scotty 2 Hotty, genuine name Scott Garland, wrote on Instagram after his friend’s death. “We never trafficked together, never roomed together, and never unequivocally hung out together. But EVERY singular time that we went by that curtain, we done sorcery together. Magic that will never be replaced. We were TOO COOL.”


Brian Christopher Lawler's mugshot after his detain in July.

Brian Christopher Lawler’s mugshot after his detain in July.Source:Supplied

Too Cool began to remove feverishness when Rikishi began a argument with Stone Cold Steve Austin and it was all over when Brian Christopher had his agreement consummated in 2001 after being held in possession of bootleg drugs while channel a Canadian border.

According to internal reports, tiny amounts of methamphetamine, heroin and pot were found in his possession and notwithstanding carrying one assign forsaken and usually copping a fine, he was expelled by WWE.

He continued to combat on a eccentric circuit and done occasionally appearances in a WWE adult until 2014, though there were signs his life was unravelling when he was twice arrested in 2009 for unfinished control and open intoxication. He served a 30-day jail tenure after that year after unwell to attend a diagnosis centre as partial of his defence deal.

After several years divided from a limelight he returned to a headlines in February, 2018, after being badly beaten by former Total Nonstop Action wrestler Chase Stevens in Indiana.

In Jun he was arrested when he couldn’t cover a cost of an $800 hotel check during a Hampton Inn in Memphis. A month after he was behind bars again and this time it finished in comfortless resources that left a wrestling village in mourning.

“It is a terrible, comfortless finish for someone who was once such a enthralling participation on television,” wrote one scribe. “But for a generation, he will always be a Grandmaster Sexay of 2000 — dancing with Scotty and Rikishi, wearing stupid glasses, and creation people happy. And that’s as good a bequest as anyone can have.”

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