WWE cancels weekly airing of ‘Talking Smack,’ and their fans are not happy

July 14, 2017 - WWE

WWE on Friday reliable a news that a WWE Network would no longer benefaction a 20-minute studio speak uncover “Talking Smack” following “SmackDown Live” on Tuesday nights. The program, that supposing a forum for WWE superstars to enhance their characters and perform a assembly but a constraints of a squared round or a regimented backstage talk segment, was acclaimed by fans for a somewhat-unscripted conversations and simply being opposite from a rest of a product.

This move, which was initial reported by PWInsider.com, comes months after WWE stopped frequently display a identical program, “Raw Talk,” that aired on WWE Network any Monday. The primary differences between a programs were a peculiarity of co-host, ability of a guest wrestlers and a fact that “Raw Talk” came after a three-hour live uncover compared to “Talking Smack” airing with a one-hour mangle after a two-hour SmackDown.

In a matter to PWInsider.com, WWE pronounced it chose to change a skeleton for a uncover “based on a accumulation of factors, including viewership and subscriber research.” It will continue airing “Raw Talk” and “Talking Smack” as summation shows following any brand’s particular pay-per-views.

That leaves WWE with only one weekly live uncover on a network, “205 Live,” that front immediately after SmackDown and facilities WWE’s cruiserweight competitors. WWE also front dual live pay-per-views a month and occasional live specials. “NXT,” a weekly uncover featuring WWE’s developmental wrestlers, is taped mostly weeks in advance.

WWE fans can be fickle, and they were not happy to learn of a growth with “Talking Smack.” While they can mostly overreact to elementary storyline changes, in this box they have a legitimate dispute as a uncover was one of a some-more singular successes WWE’s had given starting a network.

While cost is not believed to be a cause in this decision, WWE has been perplexing to save some income as of late. The association has private pyrotechnics from a shows and halted formulating specialized sets for all of a pay-per-view events.

Check out some of a reactions from fans after training about a weekly book of “Talking Smack” being cancelled on Friday.

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