WWE Concerned About John Cena: Five Superstars Who Can Replace Him

December 6, 2016 - WWE

WWE is reportedly endangered about John Cena’s destiny with a company.

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According to a Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer (h/t WrestlingInc), there is inner worry about “how most Cena will be around” subsequent year:

Officials are reportedly endangered about how most Cena will be around in 2017 as he continues to accept outward offers for other projects.

What’s mocking is that a basement of Cena’s ancestral argument with The Rock was his oath to never leave a WWE for Hollywood. Just a few years later, however, Cena has done utterly a name for himself as an actor, and a offers seem to be pouring in. He recently landed a vital film role, will be hosting this week’s part of Saturday Night Live and is currently on hiatus to film a second deteriorate of a existence show American Grit.

In other words, Cena has one feet out of a WWE door, and a other one is streamer that way, too.

With Cena now operative as a part-time captivate and a captivate of an behaving career pulling him toward Hollywood, his WWE career could be entrance to an finish earlier than many expected. If that’s a case, WWE improved start building adult other stars in an bid to “replace” him as a face of a company.

Who competence that be? Let’s take a demeanour during 5 superstars who could step adult to turn a face of WWE as Cena starts to step away.

Finn Balor

The good thing about Finn Balor is that he’s good famous from his time in NXT yet still adequate of a vacant line-up among infrequent fans that he can win them over.

Balor is identical to Cena in that he’s a well-rounded and healthy babyface, yet their gimmicks are impossibly different. Balor’s impression is one that is over in a vital approach with WWE fans since of a uniqueness, and total with his elite turn abilities in a ring, he is a “big match” performer with a intensity to be a tip babyface whenever he gets back.

There is also an easy story to tell with Balor as he’s set to lapse shortly from a career-threatening injury, that is a good setup for an epic babyface lapse that would see Balor recover his mark as Raw’s No. 1 babyface and potentially a tip altogether star in a company.

AJ Styles

AJ Styles, both in storyline and actuality, is attempting to reinstate Cena as a face of SmackDown and a whole WWE.

It’s no tip that he now refers to himself as “The Face That Runs a Place” and “The Champ Who Runs a Camp,” and both nicknames are equivocal shoots as Styles’ recognition continues to ascend to unmatched levels notwithstanding a fact that he’s requisitioned as a heel. Go behind and watch Survivor Series, Backlash, No Mercy or any new part of SmackDown, and you’ll see that there might not now be a star in a association who rivals Styles in terms of generating a greeting from a crowd.

Styles’ long-term destiny is as a categorical eventuality size babyface, and even yet he’s roughly 40 years old, he’s display positively 0 signs of negligence down and is behaving during a aloft turn than any other WWE star.

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