WWE Cruiserweight Champions: Ranked From Worst To Best

June 22, 2016 - WWE


Excitement is building for WWE’s Cruiserweight Classic series, that starts in mid-July. WWE have scoured a creation and enlisted a services of some of a best lightweight grapplers in a universe for their sparkling new project, and have even brought behind former stars Brian Kendrick and Tajiri.

It unequivocally looks like a start of something promising, with WWE fixation significance on cruiserweight wrestling once more. In a past, WWE had their Lightheavyweight Title, that had guys like Brian ‘Grandmaster Sexay’ Lawler and Scott Putski quarrel over it and fast became an afterthought, in a late 90s/early 2000s before a introduction of a Cruiserweight Title.

The Cruiserweight Title was a carryover from WCW, that WWE bought in Mar of 2001. In WCW, some of a best talent in a wrestling universe fought over a belt and a multiplication was frequently a prominence of WCW programming, during slightest to this writer. Who wants to watch boring, barely-mobile heavyweights when we can see Eddie Guerrero, Ultimo Dragon and Dean Malenko exchanging binds and behaving state-of-the-art moves during a mad pace?

WCW’s cruiserweight multiplication was truly great, though only how did WWE’s – that ran from Nov 2001 to Sep 2007 – magnitude up? Any multiplication is tangible by a champion, so only who were a group (and woman) during a front of a queue?

Here are a 16 WWE Cruiserweight Champions, ranked from misfortune to best.

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