WWE alloy shares a sum of Roman Reigns’ puncture surgery

September 22, 2014 - WWE

Roman Reigns on Monday Night Raw final week.

Roman Reigns on Monday Night Raw final week.

WWE star Roman Reigns will skip Sunday’s Night of Champions compare with Seth Rollins after undergoing puncture medicine to correct an jailed hernia Saturday in Nashville. In an talk on a WWE Network, Reigns explained that he unexpected felt a dynamic pointy pain, and called 911. At a sanatorium in Nashville, doctors dynamic Reigns indispensable evident surgery.

WWE physician Dr. Chris Amann explained on WWE.com that Reigns was already competing with a hernia, though it has worsened to a indicate that Reigns could no longer combat though surgery.

Via WWE.com:

“This wasn’t associated to a specific damage that occurred in a ring. Roman has had a pre-existing hernia for some time, that unfortunately had turn acutely painful, that led to him going to a puncture room in Nashville. He was found to have a vast hernia that was incompetent to be reduced, that means pushed behind into a abdominal cavity. As a result, it was required to perform an emergent operation to open adult a hernia weal and try and pull it behind into a abdominal cavity.”

The alloy also pronounced that Reigns will expected be out for during slightest 4 to 6 weeks, definition he could skip October’s Hell in a Cell pay-per-view as well.

“Most of a time, a liberation time for something like this in terms of returning to earthy activity is between 4 and 6 weeks. This was a flattering poignant hernia, so it will substantially be closer to 6 weeks.”

Reigns tweeted to his supporters Sunday, thanking fans for their support.

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