WWE Editing Fan Reactions And 5 Conspiracy Theories About Roman Reigns

January 20, 2017 - WWE

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WWE is in times of rare fan entrance in a information age. And yet polarizing babyfaces who accept heel responses is zero new in veteran wrestling, it has never been some-more tense, controversial and sparse than when it comes to Roman Reigns. Reigns has been a theme of many swindling theories among his detractors. The many new debate revolved around an edited WWE video package that manipulated a disastrous fan reaction.

WWE could equivocate these mistake scandals—and uncover some-more certainty in a immature star—by simply vouchsafing live reactions atmosphere as it did in a YouTube video of Reigns’ new United States Championship loss. Afterall, churned reactions for a tip star are a normal in this day and age. But a teenager revise to fit a storyline has simply fed a crazies in a latest of a fibre of theories that are infrequently current and other times insane.

Fan-gate: WWE Accused of Editing Footage of a Fan Following Roman Reigns Loss

Following Roman Reigns’ new United States Championship loss, informed overreactions cascaded around WWE’s many polarizing star. On a live chronicle of Raw, Roman Reigns’ detriment caused one sold fan to applaud Chris Jericho’s initial United States Championship victory. After some well-placed edits, however, WWE’s opening package a following week showed the same fan reacting in a unhappy manner. The indirect recoil among WWE’s many dedicated fortuitous has turn a settlement of some fans great tainted when it comes to a engagement of Roman Reigns.

The apparent revise is a transparent instance of WWE following a possess account of good (Roman Reigns) vs. immorality (Chris Jericho). Is there a conspiracy? Of course, and it’s a swindling of scripted entertainment. It’s all partial of engagement Roman Reigns as a babyface because, to many people who provide wrestling as a infrequent pleasure, he is. WWE manipulated live footage for a re-airing only as it would revise a Hulk Hogan promo if he flubbed a line.

Verdict: WWE is guilty of modifying fan footage.

Ear-gate: WWE Accused of Feeding Lines to Roman Reigns

Backlash opposite Roman Reigns was never some-more extreme than during WrestleMania deteriorate in 2015. Many fans rallied behind Daniel Bryan, who had returned from damage to enter a Royal Rumble, and when Reigns won a eventuality in Philadelphia near-riots ensued. Desperate to collect a wrong equine and send it to WrestleMania (Bryan retired due to injury just a few months after), fans began pitter-patter adult a smear campaign opposite Reigns that appearance during a special airing of Raw during a snowstorm.

As gibberish was listened in a background—something that could be attributed to audio issues—fans took to a always-reasonable criticism territory of several dirtsheets to credit WWE officials of feeding Reigns lines by an earpiece.

Verdict: Not Guilty. Hardcore wrestling fans need to go outward once in a while. 

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