WWE Elimination Chamber 2015: Best Finishes for Each Match on a Card

May 29, 2015 - WWE

Perhaps a toughest compare to envision on a label right now is a Divas Championship hitch between Nikki Bella, Paige and Naomi.

Points can be finished for any lady to leave with a title, and they all come from totally opposite angles, that is interesting.

Nikki still has some decent movement on her side, and it’s tenable that there’s no womanlike act in a association currently who can tip a interest of a Bella Twins. Because of that, it creates clarity to keep a championship in their possession so it can get a many exposure.

Then there’s Paige, who will be streamer into a new deteriorate of Tough Enough as one of a 3 judges. What improved approach to assistance legitimize her position on that row than for her to be a stream champion of her division?

Sadly, there’s a bleaker reason for Naomi, that boils down to her being ignored for distant too long. Ever given her time competing in NXT, she has been a grossly underrated performer who sits aside while others are rewarded while she clearly gets no credit. It’s extraordinary she hasn’t won a Divas Championship yet, and a feat in that courtesy is prolonged overdue.

As it stands right now, many would disagree that a best chairman to reason a pretension isn’t even concerned in this compare during all though is sitting down in a developmental NXT brand. With wrestlers such as Charlotte, Bayley, Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch ripping a residence down and a categorical roster’s women not being their equals, WWE is in a tough situation.

Therefore, a many critical cause in last how this compare should go down rests on possibly WWE has any skeleton to move another lady adult to Raw and SmackDown from NXT. If that’s a case, Charlotte is substantially a tip choice, and she could possibly entrance as a heel or a babyface.

Putting a pretension on a heel Charlotte soon after Elimination Chamber would meant Nikki or Paige needs to be a champion, so in that scenario, it’s improved to only keep a belt on a Bella. If Charlotte were to be a babyface, afterwards it’s Naomi who should win a pretension in sequence to eventually dump it to her.

All in all, that’s some-more anticipation engagement than anything else, and there’s no denote that Charlotte or any of the NXT Divas will be creation an coming on a categorical register before Money in a Bank, so a finish needs to be assembled that does not rest on that personification out.

If a stream performers are those WWE will be operative with for a foreseeable future, a best finale to this compare would be to order someone out of a using for a pretension compare during Money in a Bank and set adult a singles compare between a others.

It’s about time Naomi got her shot, and saying as how she’s a heel, she should gain on a Ram-Paige, pinning Nikki and hidden a feat for herself by a daze from Tamina Snuka. There’s unprepared business, with Naomi carrying stolen a pretension shot from Paige to start with, so this will adult a ante.

Once Nikki has mislaid her rematch opposite Naomi, a singles compare between a others can take place. Hopefully, by a time that argument is done, WWE will have called adult possibly Charlotte or Bayley.

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