WWE Elimination Chamber 2015: Best Possible Finish for Each Contest

May 31, 2015 - WWE

Seth Rollins competence be a World Heavyweight champion, and Roman Reigns might be a destiny of a company, yet make no mistake: John Cena is a face of WWE.  

Wins and waste don’t matter with Cena any longer. All that matters to WWE is gripping him front and center, a incomparable than life figure who comes out on tip in a end.

Since winning a United States Championship, Cena has done many of his opponents demeanour clever during his open challenges. In a end, though, Cena has always come out looking stronger.

That can’t be a box on Sunday night.

Kevin Owens’ introduction to WWE was earth-shattering, and he’s usually built on that entrance with some-more vitriol for Cena and his position in a wrestling annals. His interviews, his promos and even his opinion have been mark on. He is a best heel in a business, and he needs to go over big.

Cena will be done to demeanour clever and substantially be given a win over Owens in their match. But if there’s one thing to gamble on during Elimination Chamber, it is that, win or lose, Kevin Owens will travel out of this compare a victor.


Best Finish                                                                                  

Cena and Owens trade punches for most of this match. The movement isn’t singular to a ring, as both group toss any other into ring steps, a apron, steel posts and ringside barricades.

Owens misses a senton bomb, that allows Cena to strike an Attitude Adjustment. When Owens kicks out during two, Cena continues on a offensive. Momentum eventually changes when Cena misses a Five-Knuckle Shuffle.  

Owens becomes relentless, violence Cena and finally conflict a Pop-Up Powerbomb. He connects a second time before perplexing to pin Cena, who kicks out. Owens tries for a third powerbomb, yet Cena counters and attempts a second AA.

Owens blocks him, afterwards hits Cena with a low blow. The arbitrate calls for a disqualification. After a bell, Cena is smashed by Owens, who hits him with another powerbomb and continues his conflict on a champion. Additional referees can’t stop him. Finally, Triple H comes out from backstage and calms Owens down.

Reluctantly, Owens climbs out of a ring and heads backstage, yet not before Triple H raises Owen’s arm in feat during a tip of a ramp, with Owens hoisting a NXT pretension in a other.

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