WWE Elimination Chamber 2015: Biggest Lessons Learned from PPV

June 3, 2015 - WWE

WWE’s Elimination Chamber pay-per-view evoked churned reactions from fans. A integrate matches were unequivocally entertaining, though for a many part, a eventuality felt unnecessary.

WWE can learn from a mistakes, and there were some vast missteps during a PPV. However, a lessons that can be schooled from this aren’t usually associated to problems.

Let’s take a demeanour during a few of a things we schooled from Elimination Chamber.


Don’t Schedule PPVs 2 Weeks Apart

WWE combined a Elimination Chamber PPV to the report usually a few weeks before a eventuality took place. The association wedged it between Payback and Money in a Bank, creation it so there is usually dual weeks between any event.

Fourteen days isn’t even tighten to adequate time to build a constrained card. Half of a matches had small to no story behind them, and a other half felt rushed.

The other downside to scheduling events so tighten together is that fans will start to get PPV fatigue. Did we know that MITB will be a fifth PPV eventuality in a camber of 78 days?

WWE already front an normal of 8 hours of strange programming any week. It’s a lot to take in, even for a many dedicated fan. Adding another 3 hours any other week is usually too much.

Making certain there is sufficient time between any PPV will safeguard that storylines will be able to emanate seductiveness and fans won’t get ill of a product.

We live in a fast-paced universe where present benefit is a norm, though infrequently a slower trail is a some-more gratifying of a two. WWE would be correct to remember that a subsequent time it thinks about adding a pointless PPV to a schedule.


14 People is Too Many for an Elimination Chamber Match

The Tag Team Championship Elimination Chamber compare had some noted moments and high-risk spots, though it was also too crowded.

Five teams of two, one organisation of 3 and a small chairman in a longhorn dress was too most to compensate courtesy to, and a whole compare suffered since of it.

WWE put too most concentration on a multi-person spots, and that led to several moments where people were station around looking like they had no thought what to do next.

It was generally apparent when Kalisto climbed adult to a tip of a enclosure and forsaken onto a vast organisation of opponents. Everyone was usually looking adult watchful for him to fall. It was ridiculous.

With a difference of a Royal Rumble and Survivor Series, anything over 6 people in a compare is excessive. It was cold to see so many tab teams featured prominently, though in a end, a usually organisation that unequivocally gained anything was The New Day when they defended a titles.

It’s good that WWE is experimenting with determined prerequisites to keep things fresh, though cramming some-more people into a enclosure won’t make it better.


Don’t Underestimate Kevin Owens

At a finish of a night, a compare everybody was articulate about was Kevin Owens vs. John Cena. Not usually was it an implausible opening from both men, though a fact that Owens won purify done it even better.

Owens positively has a clinging following, though he also has his critics. People who did not follow his pre-WWE career usually see another corpulent male with a beard who looks like he belongs in The Wyatt Family.

Anyone who doubted him before Elimination Chamber had to come divided from a eventuality with a lot some-more honour for a man. He achieved moves guys half his distance wouldn’t even try and done it demeanour easy, though it wasn’t usually a integrate considerable spots that done a compare so good.

Owens and Cena told a story in a ring. Their quarrel felt personal, and we could feel a tension pouring out of both group from start to finish.

It seems as if Owens will be on a categorical register drum forward, and that is good news for everyone. Having a uninformed name for determined Superstars to argument with will lead to some good new storylines.

Imagine a kind of matches he could have with a likes of Dolph Ziggler, Randy Orton, Dean Ambrose or Roman Reigns. It’s going to be awesome.


NXT is a Future, and a Future is Now

It was unavoidable that a register would eventually be filled with NXT alums, though they seem to be holding over a lot faster than expected.

Just demeanour during a card from Elimination Chamber. All though dual matches featured during slightest one chairman who came adult by a softened developmental system.

Bo Dallas, Neville, Paige, Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, The Ascension, Lucha Dragons, Xavier Woods, Big E and Kevin Owens all found success in a developmental complement before being called up.

The word “NXT is a destiny of WWE” has been thrown around a lot lately. It looks like a destiny arrived earlier than we expected.

The talent that has been nurtured during a opening core and Full Sail University have exceeded all expectations and turn some of a best Superstars in a company.

Paige is deliberate a tip Diva after usually a year on a categorical roster, any member of The Shield is a categorical eventuality actor and half of a tab organisation multiplication is done adult of guys who started in NXT.

We mostly impugn WWE for being repeated and unoriginal, though a fact is it’s a good time to be a wrestling fan since a turn of talent is aloft than it has ever been before.



Elimination Chamber was a PPV that really had some interesting moments, though it also missed a symbol a few times.

Putting PPVs this tighten together competence be sparkling once in awhile, though it should not turn a trend. WWE needs to give itself time to scrupulously devise storylines, and dual weeks isn’t enough.

Overbooking a tab organisation cover compare was a vast mistake, though it’s one that is understandable. WWE wanted to try something new, and we have to admire that.

The biggest takeaway was a approach NXT has altered WWE for a better. Almost any compare featured someone who got their start in NXT, and there is still some-more talent in a developmental complement watchful for their possibility to attain a approach Kevin Owens has.

You substantially have your possess opinions on these subjects. What did we consider of Elimination Chamber?


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