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May 22, 2015 - WWE

WWE Elimination Chamber is usually dual weeks after a Payback special. Conventional knowledge would contend that dual weeks simply isn’t adequate time to scrupulously rise angles streamer into a pay-per-view.

On Monday night, WWE tossed required knowledge out a window.

Participants in any of a Elimination Chamber matches were not usually announced though highlighted in such a approach as to make a vital players demeanour strong. 

Dean Ambrose took matters into his possess hands, removing a shot during Seth Rollins and a WWE Heavyweight Championship during a WWE Network special.

And of course, we got this: 

Between longer-running feuds and short-term artistic engagement on a partial of WWE Creative, Elimination Chamber has copiousness play and excitement. All in all, WWE Elimination Chamber is, on paper, a best WWE pay-per-view of a year to date. 

As we get closer to May 31, these are a angles to follow. Each of these questions has some-more than storyline ramifications; their answers will go a prolonged approach in last a instruction of a in-ring product.


How does WWE devise to use a Intercontinental Championship going forward?

Credit: WWE.com

Since a commencement of 2015, we’ve seen a Intercontinental Championship used as a prohibited potato, a springboard for an aged fan favorite and, many recently, a paperweight.

This compare is ostensible to climax an undisputed champion. Looking during a lineup for this match, however, one has to consternation if WWE Creative is going to do usually that.

Dolph Ziggler and Rusev are fighting for a bigger prize: Lana. King Barrett has been requisitioned inconsistently given initial gaining a pretension on his lapse to a roster, and R-Truth has been battling with Stardust in a series of insignificant matches of late.

That leaves Sheamus and Ryback. Nick Paglino of WrestleZone noted in a May 18 news that Sheamus had been advertised as a champion during arriving residence shows. Sheamus could positively lend some fortitude to that title, and a using argument with Ryback would be entertaining.


Will WWE let all participants in a tab group compare shine?

Credit: WWE.com

There are a lot of ways WWE could go with a tab group championship match. The New Day and Cesaro and Kidd have been solidly requisitioned given their argument began, and gripping a titles on possibly of these teams would be intelligent and safe.

But this shouldn’t be about who wins in a end; rather, it should be about advancing a tab group division. WWE needs to make a second-tier tab teamsPrime Time Players, The Ascension, The Lucha Dragons and even Los Matadoreslook strong.

WWe should concede Titus O’Neil and Darren Young—a good group with good skills in and out of a ringthe possibility to uncover they’re on standard with a tip dual teams in this match. Kalisto and Sin Cara should be given opportunities to uncover their high-flying repertoires. The distance and strength of Konnor and Viktor need to be highlighted. Fernando and Diego should do something, anything.

In a end, it’s expected we’ll see The New Day and The Brass Ring Club duke it out for a belts. But a other teams in this compare can’t be used as cannon fodder; they’ll need to be shown as estimable competition.


Will John Cena take a detriment to Kevin Owens?

Credit: WWE.com

Never mind a WWE Heavyweight Championship compare between Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose. The compare between United States champion Cena and NXT champion Owens is a superstar during Elimination Chamber.

If this were a pretension match, there would be a clarity of karma surrounding it. No matter how clever Owens was done to look, John Cena would not usually win a compare though would mount high in a end.

Being a non-title compare creates this an eventuality unto itself. Anything can happen, most like how Brock Lesnar’s re-signing with WWE on a eve of WrestleMania 31 non-stop a doorway to any probable outcome in a pay-per-view’s categorical event.

The doubt confronting Cena and WWE Creative is simple: Are they peaceful to lay down to allege not usually a career and impression of Kevin Owens, though also a NXT brand? Or will Cena be done to demeanour like a conquering hero, while Owens is shown to be not prepared for primary time?

Jesse Collings of Wrestling Inc said it best: “If WWE truly cared about building stars and formulating a argument that could propel their business upward, they would let Owens kick Cena, clean.”

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