WWE Elimination Chamber 2017: Worst Chamber Matches in WWE History

February 11, 2017 - WWE

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Aaron BowerFeatured ColumnistFebruary 11, 2017

WWE Elimination Chamber 2017: Worst Chamber Matches in WWE History

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    There is no structure utterly like WWE’s Elimination Chamber, that creates a lapse to pay-per-view this Sunday as partial of a SmackDown brand-exclusive show, a blue brand’s final before WrestleMania 33.

    It is so mostly a backdrop for disharmony and, some-more mostly than not, fascinating matches that leave fans on a corner of their seats.

    But that isn’t always a case.

    For all a shining matches that have taken place inside a wicked structure, there have been some that have flattered to deceive.

    It might be bad star quality, a miss of upsurge in a compare itself or a series of other reasons, though these are a misfortune Elimination Chamber matches in history.

SmackDown Elimination Chamber Match (2011)

    When used as a backdrop effectively and properly, a Elimination Chamber is a unfolding for perfect unpredictability and chaos.

    This Sunday will see a series of group step into a Chamber with a picturesque possibility of success, and even if they don’t win, guys like Baron Corbin should be set for a brighter future, interjection to clever showings that will set them adult for a highway to WrestleMania.

    However, in 2011, a SmackDown Elimination Chamber compare was filled with so many talent that had no possibility of feat that it done a infancy of a compare an afterthought for many.

    Big Show, Drew McIntyre and Kane had roughly no possibility whatsoever to emerge victorious.

    There were high points. Edge’s opening was sensational, and a finish held a fans’ eyes but, in truth, people were customarily sitting around wondering when and where a finish was going to be.

    For a many part, everybody knew what would happen. That isn’t a dictated purposed for a Elimination Chamber.

December to Dismember (2006)

    2006 was a bizarre time for WWE. The association was customarily commencement to pierce into an epoch of a possess right, and there were a series of stars left from a Attitude Era who maybe didn’t have a legitimate place on a card.

    The Dec to Dismember pay-per-view of that year is mostly remembered as one of a misfortune shows in new years, and a Elimination Chamber compare for that uncover was no exception.

    It was partial of a ECW code during that time, so guys like Rob Van Dam and CM Punk were in a mix, giving fans wish that one of a loyal favorites could emerge triumphant.

    Instead, they were both separated in a early stages, withdrawal guys like Big Show and Test to conflict it out in a compare that was anything though enthralling.

    Although weapons were involved, it was one of a misfortune Elimination Chamber bouts in history, if not a worst.

Tag Team Elimination Chamber Match (2015)

    2015’s Elimination Chamber uncover will maybe be many remembered for Kevin Owens’ fantastic win opposite John Cena, that catapulted him into a eyes of millions as a loyal main-roster star.

    Thankfully, it won’t be remembered for WWE’s catastrophic try during putting tab teams inside a Elimination Chamber.

    It could have worked, though by a finish of a bout, there was too many function and in reality, it was a sorry, disorderly compare from start to finish.

    The fact that teams like The Ascension and Los Matadores were featured did small to assistance a fad cause a Elimination Chamber customarily provides.

    Reigning tab champion The New Day was means to watch as roughly half a margin was separated before a wrestling started, with fans never unequivocally jealous who would obey a belts.

    When an Elimination Chamber compare is so easy to predict, it’s generally a satisfactory pointer that it’s a bad one. This was unequivocally a box here.

SmackDown Elimination Chamber Match (2009)

    WWE fans maybe suspicion they were in for one of a biggest and many indeterminate Chamber matches in 2009’s SmackDown pretension compare inside a structure when reigning champion Edge was initial to leave a foray.

    He was dumbfounded after Jeff Hardy pinned him so early into a match, though that was a high indicate for a match.

    Such a lofty outcome left fans shocked, though it meant a compare had appearance during that point. After that, it could never tip such a thespian start, generally when there were guys like Vladimir Kozlov in a mix.

    Eventually, Hardy was separated notwithstanding being a one man fans were unequivocally rooting for, withdrawal Triple H and The Undertaker to have a sincerely uninspiring conflict to a finish.

    In terms of matches that started good and afterwards fast fizzled out, this one is right nearby a tip of a list.

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