WWE Elimination Chamber Live Updates: Can Seth Rollins keep a title?

June 1, 2015 - WWE

World Wrestling Entertainment presents WWE Elimination Chamber at 7 p.m. Sunday night as a WWE Network exclusive. The eventuality will take place in a American Bank Center in Corpus Christi, Texas.

Check behind around a night for updates and explanation on a event. Also record your thoughts in a criticism territory below.

In summary, a sincerely sub-par PPV. The Owens vs. Cena compare stole a show. No doubt about it. Interesting turn to a championship compare during a end. RAW should be interesting. Overall rating: C-


9:56 PM: The Authority attacks Ambrose and takes a title, though Roman Reigns comes out, grabs a pretension behind and hands it to Ambrose. Reigns and Ambrose exit by a locus after cleaning house. Ambrose still has a title.

9:55 PM: LAME, LAME, LAME. Officials order Ambrose won by DQ and don’t give him a pretension after all.

9:53 PM: Ambrose hits Dirty Deeds and wins a title.

9:51 PM: It’s been a good compare as anticipated. Ambrose takes out Rollins, Kane and JJ and hits another clothesline on Rollins on a outside.

9:48 PM: Another good JBLism. “Rollins is holding Ambrose to school. He should get college credit for this.”

9:46 PM: Rollins slams Ambrose into a wall outward of a ring, though Ambrose kicks out in two. Three times.

9:42 PM: Ambrose with a dive out of a ring onto Rollins on a announce table. Rollins with a nearby pin, though a ref catches his feet on a ropes.

9:40 PM: Kane hasn’t played a partial in a compare (on possibly side) yet.

9:37 PM: Rollins with a burst stomp off a tip wire on Ambrose’s chest. Some teenager distractions so far, of course, from JJ. Crowd now chanting “Justin Bieber” during Rollins.

9:29 PM: Loudest cocktail of a night for Ambrose as he comes out alone.

9:27 PM: Interested to see what happens here. we don’t see Ambrose winning a title, though how will Kane cause in? Will Reigns make an coming notwithstanding Triple H’s warning to a contrary? Ambrose out initial with JJ Security and Kane, a executive of operations.


9:18 PM: Former champ Daniel Bryan presents Ryback with a IC pretension he had to vacate.

9:16 PM: In a bit of an upset, Ryback pins Sheamus with a shellshock. Ryback wins his initial singles pretension in a WWE.

9:11 PM: Sheamus with a brogue kick, eliminates Ziggler. It’s Sheamus and Ryback. There will be a first-time champ. Neither Sheamus nor Ryback has ragged a IC title.

9:07 PM: Sheamus picks a close with his Celtic Cross and he is now in and wreaking havoc. Sheamus pins Mark Henry, and he is a usually one station with Ryback and Ziggler still alive.

9:06 PM: JBL line of a night: “Who is doing a equipment? The Patriots’ apparatus guy?”

9:05 PM: Ryback eliminates R-Truth.

9:04 PM: Sheamus due in though he indicates his cover won’t open. Guessing that is a Sheamus ploy.

9:02 PM: R-Truth eliminates Barrett with a distortion detector.

9:00 PM: Mark Henry and Ryback now in within a notation of any other. Henry’s cover non-stop when Barrett threw Ziggler into it. Only Sheamus still in a chamber. No one has been separated yet.

8:55 PM: R-Truth now in. Wonder how prolonged he will last?

8:50 PM: Dolph Ziggler and King Barrett will start it off. A new aspirant will enter each 4 minutes. Got to consider Sheamus is a favorite here.

8:44 PM: The world’s strongest man, Mark Henry, will take Rusev’s place in a Chamber. It is a second rejecting cover compare of his career.

8:42 PM: Daniel Bryan during ringside. We still don’t know who will take Rusev’s place in a match. 

8:41 PM: Triple H tells Roman Reigns behind theatre that if he interferes in tonight’s championship match, Dean Ambrose will be disqualified.


8:38 PM: Thank goodness. Neville beats Bo Dallas with a sharpened star press. Just no seductiveness during all. Neville has good moves. Bo Dallas’ impression is only not good.

8:37 PM: This compare is now 8 mins old. That is 7 mins too long.

8:29 PM: Not genuine meddlesome in this matchup. Bound to be a letdown after a final match.


8:25 PM: Outstanding match.Owens on a mic after a win. “I’m a masculine who started a quarrel with John Cena. I’m also a masculine who only finished that fight.” Owens tells Cena his time is up. You have to consider Owens will be a tie in a WWE now. Give Cena large props for putting these guys over.

8:22 PM: Owens beats Cena with a pop-up energy bomb. Clean win. Great match.

8:19 PM: KO kicks out of Cena’s springboard stunner.

8:15 PM: Owens hits Cena with an AA and mocks him with a “U can’t see me.” But again Cena kicks out. This masculine is a good heel.

8:11 PM: Cena with a five-knuckle shuffle. Owens counters with a pop-up powerbomb, though Cena kicks out. Owens afterwards kicks out of a AA. Good match.

8:07 PM: Owens with a good DDT and a nearby fall. Owens unequivocally removing heat. Promote him to a categorical register right away. Owens winning now. Pretty good lively for a large guy. John Sharp with an accurate comment, observant Owens and Bray Wyatt have some similarities.

8:04 PM: Back-and-forth in a early going. Surprisingly, it is tough to tell that dilemma a throng is in here. They seem to be disposition Cena.

7:57 PM: This competence be a many engaging compare on tonight’s card. It’s non-title so we am guessing that means Owens wins. we like his character. By a way, as we keep we updated tonight we am wearing my NWO shirt!


7:51: Nikki pins Naomi with a Rack Attack to keep a title. Brie comes down to applaud after. Nikki has been a champ given November. This multiplication unequivocally misses AJ Lee.

7:50 PM: Naomi with intense shoes. Otherwise not a lot to see here. Crowd not into it during all.

7:43 PM: Nikki has hold a pretension for 188 days. No Brie Bella and no Tamina tonight, barred from ringside by The Authority.


7:36 PM: All 3 members of New Day pin Titus O’Neil, and New Day retains a titles. The energy of positivity!

7:32 PM: Darren Young pins Cesaro and he and Kidd are out. It’s New Day vs. a PTP for a titles. 

7:30 PM: New Day now in. It’s a champs, Cesaro and Kidd and a Prime Time Players left. Cesaro and Kidd close Xavier Woods in a pod, withdrawal only dual members of New Day in a match.

7:26 PM: Prime Time players discharge a Ascension. New Day still nonetheless to get in. Cesaro and Kidd also still alive. All 3 New Day members will be authorised when their cover opens.

7:24 PM: Ascension pins a Dragons. New Day and PTP still nonetheless to get it.

7:21 PM: Matadores now in. El Torito of a tip of a Matadores’ chamber, knocks down Cesaro. One of a Dragons climbed to a roof of a cover and forsaken on 5 wrestlers. However, it unequivocally wasn’t that impressive. Ascension pins Los Matadores and they are gone.

7:19 PM: Ascension and a Dragons start a match. Kidd and Cesaro now in as well. Is it only me or does no tab group sparkling during a moment? Need some new blood here and in a Divas.

7:15 PM: Uh-Oh. Some early delivery problems with a WWE Network during a Sharp Estate. Anyone else carrying issues.

7:05 PM: We are underway and a tag-team rejecting cover compare will start it out.

6:52 PM: Macho Mandow and Axelmania miscarry and take caring of Miz. They applaud in a ring with Bryan.

6:48 PM: Miz interviewing Daniel Bryan on a pre-show. Bryan says, “I will be back.” Miz wearing some form of mantle that competence be improved seen during a masculine frame joint.

6:08 PM: First news of a night. Rusev has been ruled out of a Intercontinental Chamber Match due to injury. Who will reinstate him?

WWE Elimination Chamber Matches:

— Neville d. Bo Dallas
— Triple Threat Divas Championship Match: Nikki Bella (c) d. Paige and Naomi with a shelve conflict on Naomi
— Non-title champion vs. champion match: Kevin Owens d. John Cena
— WWE Tag Team Championship Elimination Chamber Match: The New Day (c) retains opposite Los Matadores, Lucha Dragons, The Ascension, Prime Time Players and Tyson Kidd Cesaro
— Elimination Chamber Match for a Intercontinental Championship: Ryback d. King Barrett, Sheamus, Dolph Ziggler, Mark Henry and R-Truth
— WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match: Dean Ambrose d. Seth Rollins around DQ 

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