WWE Extreme Rules 2015: Predicting Gimmicks for Potential Matches during PPV

April 7, 2015 - WWE

Considering how Randy Orton and Seth Rollins had a unchanging singles compare during WrestleMania and this should be a categorical eventuality of a night, there really is no forgive if it does not have a gimmick concerned in some way.

Hopefully, this doesn’t turn a general Street Fight or another movement of a No Disqualification compare and that’s it, as it would be underwhelming when compared to some of a other bouts of a identical nature.

As an alternative, there is a good possibility that this becomes a Steel Cage match.

Nearly each year, WWE books one of those on a label since it is visually opposite and it can come about in a rather easy way.

All it takes is for Orton to be pounded by members of The Authority and for someone to move adult a judgment of environment adult a enclosure to keep anyone from interfering.

Since Kane has been arguing with Rollins, he could hospital this order as a means to force a champion to quarrel on his possess and not have a assistance from his cohorts.

Of course, people will find a approach to interfere, though that only adds another component of stupidity for a assembly and a reason for Rollins to come out on tip while safeguarding Orton.

What prerequisites do we consider will be featured during Extreme Rules?

Tell us your predictions in a comments below!


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