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April 26, 2015 - WWE

It’s been about a month given WrestleMania 31 and a scattered “RAW” that followed. The standing quo has been altered and transposed with a new, identical standing quo. Sunday night, we’ll get Extreme Rules, a many “hardcore” pay-per-view of a year in a current, bloodless WWE. There should be copiousness of good matches on a show, as good as some large doubt marks. So let’s find out given we should be excited! And given we’ll be removing EXTREEEEEEME.

WWE Tag Team Championship: Tyson Kidd Cesaro (c) vs. The New Day (Big E Kofi Kingston)

This compare will take place on a Kickoff Show, so make certain we balance in early.

What am we looking during here? After a prolonged time in a woods, there are finally legitimate reasons to be vehement about a tab organisation multiplication again! Tyson Kidd and Cesaro are dual unequivocally honourable champions who adore cats, being clever and noise-canceling headphones. The New Day, meanwhile, are a organisation of people who were perplexing to be certain and fun-loving, yet a throng hated them so many that now they have to force themselves to be happy, or else they’ll do something terrible. They applause so they won’t snap.

Why we should care: The New Day have solemnly been reckoning out that they can lie to win and it’s one of a many joyous things function in wrestling right now. The delayed bake to them apropos full-blown bad guys is tasty and we intend to season any impulse of it. Meanwhile, Cesaro and Kidd will make certain that a compare is superb in a ring. we design a champs to keep and for this to serve nettle a New Day, who are hardly sticking to reason as it is.

Chicago Street Fight: Dean Ambrose vs. Luke Harper

What am we looking during here? Neither of these group are FROM Chicago, yet Extreme Rules will take place IN (the greater) Chicago (area), so that’s given it’s a Chicago travel fight. Makes sense. This compare will substantially not indeed take place in a street, though. ALTHOUGH WHO KNOWS. Dean Ambrose is a crazy man with greasy hair and Luke Harper is a opposite kind of crazy man with (assumedly) sharp hair. They motionless to quarrel given they’re both crazy and like to fight. Works for me!

Why we should care: Dean Ambrose has positively no courtesy for his physique and will do whatever it takes to have a fun, engaging match. He’s like Jeff Hardy, yet his offense looks like it indeed hurts. Also, reduction paint. Luke Harper, meanwhile, is sensitively one of a best wrestlers in a world. I’m unequivocally many looking brazen to these guys attack any other with unfamiliar objects and we should be, too. It’s a toss-up as to who wins this one, yet it doesn’t unequivocally matter. You’re going to see some mayhem.

Last Man Standing: Roman Reigns vs. Big Show

What am we looking during here? Roman Reigns, chiseled Samoan God with eyes of purest flowing grey, took offense to being thrown into an English-style automobile by Big Show, who is a world’s largest athlete. There’s usually one approach to settle this: HITTING EACH OTHER UNTIL ONE PERSON CAN’T GET UP.

Why we should care: The matchup isn’t anything new, yet only like in a Chicago Street Fight, design some unequivocally considerable set pieces that Reigns will use to make certain Show is incapacitated. It’ll substantially be improved than Big Show throwing John Cena into a spotlight, too. I’m awaiting to see Reigns Superman Punch Big Show by a section wall, or stalk him off a patio into a dumpster or something. It’s going to be a best kind of dumb. Let’s face it: that’s given we watch.

Kiss Me Arse Match: Sheamus vs. Dolph Ziggler

What am we looking during here? No, you’re not misreading that. This is a initial ever “Kiss Me Arse” match. First ever, given a others have been “Kiss My Ass” matches. New mohawk-and-tentacle-beard Sheamus dislikes Ziggler so many that he’s going to have him lick his bare, lily-white bottom. Because that’s what we do when we hatred someone, right? That’s how things work?

Why we should care: Uh … a compare should be good? Also we’re going to get to see Sheamus’ butt, given there’s no approach Ziggler wins this one. And we all wish to see Sheamus’ hindparts, right? Who’s with me? Anyone?

Divas Championship: Nikki Bella (c) vs. Naomi

What am we looking during here? Naomi has had ENOUGH of being a nice, happy mother of one of a Usos and she’s out to take what’s hers. Which is presumably Nikki Bella’s Divas Championship. Nikki is cocky, given she’s a dang champion and also she’s beaten Naomi before, so given should she be scared?

Why we should care: Naomi has been on glow given she got her new meant streak, that competence not bode good for Nikki. Expect a longer-than-usual and better-than-you-might-expect Divas compare here, with all signs indicating to a new champion. I’m all-in for a power of Naomi.

Intercontinental Championship: Daniel Bryan (c) vs. Bad News Barrett

What am we looking during here? Regrettably, this is a compare that competence not indeed happen. Word is that Daniel Bryan is injured, presumably with a concussion and presumably with some-more than that. You competence remember that final year, Bryan won a WWE World Heavyweight Championship during WrestleMania, shielded it during Extreme Rules and afterwards was too harmed to contest for a rest of a year. Fans everywhere are holding their exhale that awful, awful story won’t repeat a foolish butthole self. Bryan competence announce he can’t defend, or competence be “jumped backstage” and a substitute put in his place in this match. Or a pretension competence be awarded to Bad News Barrett given Bryan can’t defend. Or they competence only have a match, as scheduled!

Why we should care: Because if they DO have a match, it’s going to be awesome. And we should caring that Daniel Bryan is okay, regardless. The universe needs Daniel Bryan.

United States Championship Russian Chain Match: John Cena (c) vs. Rusev

What am we looking during here? Mother Russia lovin’ Rusev mislaid his U.S. pretension to Cena during WrestleMania and now he wants it back, dang it. Cena has been fortifying a pretension any week on “RAW” given winning it, that competence be holding a toll. To make matters worse, this is a Russian Chain Match. The deadliest form of sequence there is.

Why we should care: Two huge brawny dudes during a tip of their diversion are going to whomp on any other with a large chain. Not certain what else we could presumably wish out of wrestling, or out of life. Expect Cena to win with a chain-assisted STF, that will be identical to a approach he won one of a best matches he’s ever had, ever.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship Cage Match: Seth Rollins (c) vs. Randy Orton

What am we looking during here? Randy Orton degraded Seth Rollins during WrestleMania, small hours before Rollins cashed in his Money in a Bank briefcase and won a universe title. So Orton feels like he’s got Rollins’ number. He’s also requested that a compare take place in a steel cage, where (ostensibly) Rollins can’t scuttle divided and his friends in a Authority can’t assistance him. Cages are flattering easy to climb, though, so we don’t design that to unequivocally reason water. Rollins, meanwhile, has combined a chapter to this compare where Orton will remove if he uses his finisher, a RKO. Pretty sneaky, Seth!

Why we should care: These dual group had a fantastic compare during WrestleMania, so I’m looking brazen to saying what they can do in a universe pretension enclosure compare in a categorical event. Expect a lot of shenanigans and a lot of Rollins holding bumps that demeanour positively terrifying from good heights. we overtly design Orton to get held adult in a feverishness of a impulse and RKO a jumping-from-the-top-of-the-cage Rollins during a end. Either that, or lots of Authority gorilla business will lead to Orton removing screwed out of a title.

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