WWE Extreme Rules 2016: Titles Most Likely to Change Hands during Event

May 6, 2016 - WWE

WWE didn’t rubbish any time creation WWE Extreme Rules 2016 a quarrel for gold, not even watchful until a finish of a final pay-per-view. 

In reduction than 24 hours following a finish of Payback, 3 pretension matches were strictly requisitioned for WWE Extreme Rules. 

In a brief seven-year history, Extreme Rules has been a gauntlet for WWE pretension holders. Only once, in 2010, has each titleholder walked out of a eventuality with his or her belt (h/t The Internet Wrestling Database).

That means fans should design during slightest one new champion entrance out of WWE Extreme Rules. 

Intercontinental Championship

While not strictly requisitioned (yet), it appears WWE is headed toward a Fatal 4-Way compare for a Intercontinental Championship during Extreme Rules. That alone means there’s a 75 percent probability someone other than a champ walks divided with a belt. 

Factor in a extensive star energy concerned in this pretension scene, and it’s anyone’s speculation who will win. 

Having The Miz travel out of Payback with a belt is a best pierce WWE could have made. The Miz is so hated by fans that WWE ensured a pretension change to any of his 3 intensity foes during Extreme Rules is met with approval—even though The Hollywood A-Lister has been one of a many interesting Superstars on a roster. 

Cesaro would be a good choice to revenge his Payback loss. Since returning from damage on a Raw after WrestleMania 32, a Swiss Superman has wrestled in dual No. 1 contender matches, a pretension plea during a pay-per-view and teamed with a hottest act in a business, The New Day.

As Bleacher Report’s Ryan Dilbert wrote prior to Payback, WWE is holding Cesaro some-more severely than ever before: 

The routine is distant from finished, though Cesaro is clearly on a rise. WWE seems to finally be noticing his singular jaunty gifts and shopping into his recognition … Crowning him as [intercontinental] champ has large potential. It can be a means to both rouse a pretension and let Cesaro flower as a company’s workhorse.  

Meanwhile, Kevin Owens’ significance to not usually a IC pretension picture, though a association as a whole, can't be understated. He carried his argument with Sami Zayn streamer into Payback. While a twin are equals in a ring, Owens is such a widespread celebrity that fans can’t assistance though take notice when he speaks. 

This was no some-more clear than during Payback, when Owens addressed a WWE Universe following his feat over Zayn and announced his goal to win behind a intercontinental title. His explanation during that compare during a pay-per-view was one of a highlights of a night. 

Zayn is a odd-man out in this scenario. His inclusion in many categorical register storylines thusfar has been predicated on Owens’ pursuits. It’s a healthy progression; as Zayn tells it, these dual are unfailing to do this perpetually (per an talk with WWE.com). But Zayn’s fan interest and extraction as champion during Pro Wrestling Guerilla, Ring of Honor and NXT is explanation that he’s some-more than able of winning WWE bullion earlier rather than later. 

The intelligent income competence be on Owens claiming a Intercontinental Championship during WWE Extreme Rules. Why? No one can compare Owens’ passion for winning, that creates him such a constrained champion. He will do anything to explain a pretension and even some-more to keep it once around his waist. 


United States Championship

There are dual explanations for Rusev to travel out of Extreme Rules as a two-time WWE United States champion. The initial is really picturesque and commonsense. The second is swindling speculation arrange of things and a kind of thought that borders on anticipation booking. 

But wholly possible. 

Let’s start with a trustworthy theory: WWE used Kalisto’s new argument with Ryback as a approach to build a small-ish Superstar as a viable champion, defeating a physically higher opponent.

After successfully fortifying his pretension twice opposite Ryback, Kalisto can be built as a clever champion, not someone who is looked during as merely a placeholder. Therefore, a Superstar who defeats him for a pretension needs to be improved than your normal categorical register filler. 

Enter Rusev, who won a Battle Royal on Raw this week to turn a No. 1 contender to a pretension he before held. Since losing that belt to John Cena during WrestleMania 31, Rusev has been shuffled from one storyline to another though any meaning. 

Now, with his latest angle with The League of Nations burning down a tubes, WWE gives a Bulgarian Brute a second probability to rip by a register as he did when he was called adult from NXT dual years ago. 

Now for a twist: WWE needs a heel to reason a pretension so that John Cena can retrieve it after returning to a ring on Memorial Day, as he announced on Twitter. 

Since Alberto Del Rio finished Cena’s rare run as United States champ during Hell in a Cell 2015, a pretension has depressed into disrepair. When Cena was champion during a summer of 2015, there was no hotter story in a industry. 

A practical who’s who in WWE challenged Cena for that belt, from Dean Ambrose to Cesaro to Owens to Seth Rollins. Yes, a WWE universe heavyweight champion wanted a United States Championship, not clamp versa. That’s historic. 

With a Intercontinental Championship being vied for by a subsequent era of WWE Superstars and Roman Reigns confirmed as universe champion, a United States pretension stays in midcard limbo and WWE pre-show fodder. There will no doubt be calls for Cena to once again retrieve a pretension and lift a inflection once again. 

Of course, Cena violence Rusev for a pretension would be rehashing a same story, something that won’t occur in a New Era of WWE, according to Shane McMahon. But it would be ridiculous to trust that WWE won’t try this probability for a subsequent few weeks, generally as Memorial Day draws closer.  


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