WWE Extreme Rules 2017: Roman Reigns Winning And 5 Smart Booking Decisions

June 4, 2017 - WWE

WWE Extreme Rules 2017 facilities Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins and Finn Balor battling Raw’s top stars with a Universal Championship compare opposite Brock Lesnar on a line.

Credit: WWE.com

Credit: WWE.com

But for Monday Night Raw, Extreme Rules is about some-more than only who walks out with a Universal pretension shot.

Raw has lost some-more than one million viewers since WrestleMania 33, a outcome of a detriment of part-timers and feeble created storylines that have incited fans off to a product. Extreme Rules is only a second PPV given then, though in a issue of a “Superstar Shakeup,” it is truly a initial possibility for fans to see what Raw has to offer with a new demeanour roster.

Will a red code broach a goods? Or will it continue to onslaught a approach it has over a final dual months? Let’s wish it’s a latter.

Here are 5 intelligent engagement decisions WWE contingency make during Extreme Rules to get Raw, a flagship show, behind on track.

Sasha Banks Turns Heel

Credit: WWE.com

Credit: WWE.com

The recognition of Charlotte Flair and Stephanie McMahon proves that fans are going to support whoever they wish to support regardless of their standing as a heel or babyface, and that stays generally loyal for a women’s division.

Stephanie is likely a No. 2 womanlike sell inciter in WWE despite being a many despised heel while Alexa Bliss, also a tip heel, might have been as high as No. 4 in that difficulty late final year. Sasha Banks is one of those stars who is desired by fans no matter what her purpose is given of her definite charisma, though formed simply on her impression alone, she’s a many some-more healthy fit in a heel role. Banks contingency be rather of a draw, too, given that WWE used her on 205 Live this past week after that uncover has been struggling to attract viewers.

Though Banks excels as a villain, she has spent many of her categorical register run as a babyface, and it’s time for a change. Luckily for WWE, a theatre is already set for Banks, a on-screen (and genuine life) best crony of Bayley, to cost her crony a Raw Women’s Championship and concrete herself as a heel in a process. WWE, after all, has teased a Banks heel spin for months, and as a likes of Charlotte and Stephanie have proved, a tip womanlike heel can infer to be a outrageous fit for a company.

With Banks accomplishing probably all she could have as a face, Extreme Rules provides a ideal height for her to spin on Bayley, a dear babyface, and build adult a vital singles module between a dual that could extend good over a summer.

The Tease Of Kurt Angle’s In-Ring Return 

Credit: WWE.com

Credit: WWE.com

A demeanour at Raw’s ratings archive and a many new WWE Network subscriber count shows that seductiveness in WWE peaks when part-timers are around, that is something that is probably unfit to deny.

Part-time attractions, such as Goldberg, Brock Lesnar or The Undertaker, equal some-more eyes on a WWE product, that is improved for everybody involved. Yes, even a full-timers. One part-time label WWE has nonetheless to play is Kurt Angle, who has done it know that he believes he will combat again in WWE.

With WWE famous to move behind part-timers when things get severe (and things are positively severe now) and with Raw already teasing a intensity hitch between Angle and Bray Wyatt, WWE needs to continue laying a substructure for Angle to combat again. He is, after all, a Hall of Famer who can still perform good in a ring though hasn’t wrestled for WWE given 2006, definition that his in-ring return, if and when it happens, could be a outrageous moneymaker for a company.

We’ve seen what Goldberg did for WWE just this year, and Angle could have a identical effect. Thus, with Raw desperately in need of a jar of fad during a tip of a card, subtly or even blatantly igniting a build for Angle’s lapse compare during Extreme Rules is one surefire approach to spike seductiveness in a uncover that has been officious boring.

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