WWE Fast Lane 2015: Most Intriguing Storylines to Track on Road to PPV

February 2, 2015 - WWE

On Feb. 22, World Wrestling Entertainment will enter a Fast Lane on a highway to WrestleMania with a code new pay-per-view eventuality airing on WWE Network for free.

The tip stars in a association will conflict it out in hopes of gaining movement forward of a biggest uncover of a year.

Roman Reigns will be a Superstar confronting a many inspection when he stairs in a squared round that evening.

On a heels of a Royal Rumble feat in that he was scarcely booed out of a building, and in light of criticisms surrounding his willingness to perform in a categorical events, supporters and detractors comparison will be meddlesome to see how he fairs in his final large eventuality to stir before he hurdles Brock Lesnar for a WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Rusev will risk blemish his strain of uninterrupted matches yet being pinned or done to contention when he battles John Cena in one of a event’s some-more expected bouts.

Add to that a showdown between Sting and Triple H and we have an eventuality with a intensity to not usually set a list for a Showcase of a Immortals, yet also to urge dramatically on a final dual vital disappointments constructed by a company.

But what are a many intriguing storylines entering a show?

Here is a look.


Roman Reigns’ Journey to Championship Glory

To contend that Roman Reigns’ Royal Rumble feat was nauseous would be an understatement. The Philadelphia fans totally incited on a company’s engagement of a star, whose still glamour and tough persona have recently been sacrificed in preference of building him as an odds-beating John Cena clone.

The following night on Raw, Reigns was authorised to be some-more healthy and organic in his dual opportunities to pronounce and it worked most better.

As Fast Lane approaches, WWE Creative would be correct to hoop Reigns a same approach they did in a arise of final year’s WrestleMania, when he rose to inflection as a bomb juggernaut who spoke gently and speared by everybody put before him.

Booking him in a same mold as Cena would be a mistake and could significantly bushel Reigns’ ability to get and stay over with a WWE Universe.

Ruin a tie with a fans and no feat over Brock Lesnar will be means to successfully rouse a second-generation star to a position WWE envisions for him.


Credit: WWE.com

Is John Cena a Thing of a Past?

On a Jan. 29 part of SmackDown, Rusev and Lana both addressed Cena as if he was a thing of a past, no longer applicable in a age of a Bulgarian Brute and his power of prevalence over WWE in a final year.

Cena responded by using down a list of accomplishments and titles he has amassed over a march of a final decade. He was ardent and critical while reminding Rusev that he is still a measuring hang in a universe of sports entertainment.

It was clever promo work from Cena and a lovely instruction for a Rusev character. No longer is he fighting for Mother Russia opposite another constant American, now he is representing a destiny of a attention opposite someone he considers ancient and irrelevant.

Most might consider Fast Lane is a night Cena topples a United States champion, yet because finish Rusev‘s winning strain during a B-level pay-per-view when it could occur during WrestleMania.

Expect Rusev to hurl yet Cena or remove by disqualification, maybe environment adult a rematch a month after during a biggest eventuality of a year.


The Vigilante and The Game

When Sting seemed during Survivor Series, flattened Triple H with a Scorpion Death Drop and assisted Dolph Ziggler in overpowering The Authority (for a time being, during least), it set in suit events that would eventually lead to a compare between a dual during WrestleMania.

Before we get to that point, a Stinger will come face-to-face with a COO of a association during Fast Lane in a shred that should lead to a central proclamation of a former WCW authorization player’s initial compare in a WWE ring.

And it creates sense.

As most as fans wish to see Sting conflict The Undertaker, and justly so, Sting has prolonged been a vigilante of a companies he has competed in. He has been tasked with environment right misapplication and battling corruption.

Come Fast Lane, he will set out to do that when he accepts a plea to conflict Triple H on a biggest theatre a attention has to offer, and one on that he has never appeared.

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