WWE Fast Lane 2015: What to Expect from Inaugural Edition of PPV

January 29, 2015 - WWE

WWE’s Royal Rumble eventuality is over now, yet a aftershocks are still being felt among fans. Roman Reigns’ Rumble victory has left a bad ambience in a mouths of many that overtly did not wish to see him towering over favorites such as Daniel Bryan and Dean Ambrose.

And while a WWE loyal continue to discuss behind and onward over Reigns and other Rumble moments, a fact is that a association is relocating forward.  The initial Fast Lane pay-per-view is entrance adult on Sunday, Feb 22, and there is already some hum building around a event.  WWE is positively already scheming for that night, and there is indeed many to design from a initial book of Fast Lane.


Bray Wyatt will continue to shine

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Bray Wyatt has looked really good as of late.  The Eater of Worlds has finally seemed to strike his walk in WWE, and that is expected not a coincidence, as many believe he will be a male to face The Undertaker during WrestleMania 31.  If that is a case, afterwards he should positively be built adult as clever as possible, as a viable hazard to pin The Deadman during ‘Mania.

And there is any reason to trust that Wyatt’s prevalence will continue during Fast Lane.

He probably owned Dean Ambrose in scarcely any fight a dual group had.  Their adversary was a product of good booking; both group had faced off in a past when The Shield contra The Wyatt Family was all a fury in WWE.

To see them block off one-on-one was a large impulse for fans who had been concerned to see any male mangle out of their particular molds.  Ambrose was entrance into his possess as The Lunatic Fringe and Wyatt was still enthralling crowds with his promos.

And when they met, it was impossibly intense.

But Wyatt has altered on and had a good display during The Royal Rumble compare on Jan 25.  He separated 6 Superstars, including Daniel Bryan, and drew crazy feverishness from a crowd.  Wyatt stayed in a ring for roughly an hour before being eliminated, that was really a matter on WWE’s part.

He is expected headed for something big, and regardless of whom he will face next, Fast Lane should be a delay of that journey. 


Daniel Bryan will get a saving moment

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Daniel Bryan’s early rejecting from The Royal Rumble stays one of a many unsatisfactory moments for many fans.  The reason for that is since there was really a clarity that Bryan would somehow make his approach behind adult a ladder in 2015 as he did in 2013.

There was positively no hotter Superstar dual years ago than Bryan.  Thanks to a comedic partnership with Kane and a energetic ability set, Bryan “Yes!”-chanted his approach into a hearts and minds of fans.  And when The Authority motionless to roadblock his trail to success, Bryan’s universe altered overnight.

Suddenly, he was a subsequent large thing; he was shot into a stratosphere and became arguably a many renouned Superstar in WWE. Everything Bryan overwhelmed incited to gold, and when he became a WWE universe heavyweight champion, he cemented his mark in a company.

But a neck damage took Bryan out of a design for many of 2014, and when he returned to announce his 2015 Royal Rumble entry, fans were ecstatic.  Finally, Bryan would get his shot during a tip once again. After all, his interrupted pretension run deserved to be continued, and a best approach for that to occur was to get him over during a Rumble.

However, when he did not win, fans were nearby a indicate of rioting.  Their favorite had been denied his legitimate mark during a top, a fact that his fanbase could not seem to handle.  So when Fast Lane debuts, Bryan needs a good impulse to prerogative a fans that stranded adult for him during a Royal Rumble debacle.

Bryan needs a win, a win that matters.  He needs to gleam in a biggest approach possible, and when that impulse comes, there should be no doubt that WWE is righting a wrong.  A compare opposite Kane—with a chapter that if The Big Red Machine loses, he loses his job—would be a step in a right direction. Or maybe Bryan could slip in and save Sting from an waylay by The Authority.

Whatever happens, Bryan needs to finish his time during Fast Lane on his feet with a win.  He deserves to be clever in a eyes of a fans and has warranted a right to gleam on a pay-per-view stage.


Triple H‘s assembly with Sting will be a trap

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When Sting debuted during The Survivor Series final year, it done for a really ancestral impulse in WWE.  For a initial time ever, The Icon had stepped into Vince McMahon’s ring and done earthy hit with a engaged WWE performer.

That performer was Triple H, and a impulse will never be forgotten.

Sting done story once again on a January 19 edition of Monday Night Raw when he seemed on a ramp, giving John Cena a daze he indispensable to win a match.  It noted a initial time that Sting had ever physically been on Raw, a same module that had battled with WCW Nitro years earlier.

And Triple H was left to put a pieces of The Authority behind together again.

It’s transparent that Triple H is out for revenge.  One bit of division was bad enough. Two intrusions will not be tolerated.  Hunter has called Sting out, and a assembly place will be a Fast Lane pay-per-view.

But this is apparently a setup.  It’s really doubtful that Triple H’s impression would take a possibility on being bested by Sting once again and would wish reinforcements to behind him up.  He would positively also wish those reinforcements there to safeguard that Sting would feel adequate pain as physically possible.

The steer of Triple H station nose to nose with Sting is one that many fans positively can't wait to see again.  But to suppose that it will not come yet a cost seems absurd during best.  So Sting contingency possibly be armed with a dark ball bat, or he contingency have some backup prepared as well.

Either way, The Icon contingency be ready, since when he arrives during Fast Lane, it will be diversion time.


Rusev will better John Cena

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This one might be a bit tough for some fans to swallow, yet a fact is that Rusev will kick John Cena during Fast Lane.  While it’s loyal that this is different domain for both men, it’s also loyal that Rusev has come too distant to go down in one match, even if it’s during a hands of WWE’s tip guy.

Rusev has been portrayed as an unstoppable force, a juggernaut whose movement can't be quelled. He has dejected any Superstar who’s been put in front of him and during this point, fans positively design that to occur any time they see him.

Like Wyatt, Rusev had a good display during a Rumble himself when he separated 6 Superstars and finished in second place subsequent to Reigns.  It positively seemed as yet Rusev was violation by to a subsequent turn of a company.

And law be told, WWE needs clever performers on that level.  Cena, Bryan, Seth Rollins and Reigns are not enough; a some-more categorical eventuality stars there are, a some-more accumulation there is for fans to select from.  WWE has new directions to go in with Rusev on that large stage, and one vital instruction is to span him adult with Cena.

Rusev will eventually remove a compare by pinfall, and that detriment could really good come during a hands of Cena. But Fast Lane should be a time for Rusev to continue his ceiling momentum, and that means that he should win a compare opposite Cena.

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