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February 22, 2015 - WWE

Fastlane, WrestleMania’s baby stepchild, is designed to set adult matches and angles for a Mar extravaganza.

It wouldn’t be a warn if this label closely resembled that of WrestleMania. A dicey finish between Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan can outcome in a dual assembly again in Santa Clara conflicting Brock Lesnar.

Goldust and Stardust are usually commencement to benefit momentum. It’s illusive their compare during Fastlane won’t be their final encounter.

The fight between Sting and Triple H is roughly guaranteed to lead to Sting’s long-awaited in-ring entrance during WWE‘s biggest event.

Fastlane indeed couldn’t be a improved name for this pay-per-view. By night’s end, after usually 3 hours, it won’t be formidable to devise a WrestleMania lineup.


Rusev vs. John Cena: 3-2

Rusev is WWE‘s premier beast heel. As he continued his winning ways, a showdown with John Cena seemed like some-more of a big-match encounter.

Fastlane is too tiny of a theatre for this match. According WWE.com, WWE medicine Dr. Chris Amann reliable Cena is struggling with a scratched cornea. This will open a doors for an vague finish where a compare has to be finished by alloy stoppage.

In sequence for a intensity WrestleMania rematch to not seem like a rerun, it should exercise Hulk Hogan. Hogan is WWE‘s many important genuine American and is usually as ideal a fit for a argument with Rusev as Cena.


Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns: 6-5 Odds

Plans for Lesnar and Reigns to categorical eventuality WrestleMania date behind several months, per Dave Meltzer of a Wrestling Observer Newsletter (h/t WrestlingInc.com). Reigns’ widespread performances during a Survivor Series and a Royal Rumble in 2014 were designed to set him adult as WWE‘s subsequent tip star.

Bryan’s lapse is now creation an ungainly conditions out of what was once a certain thing. WWE is overthinking itself amid a appearance of snub following Reigns’ Royal Rumble win. But by mixed weeks of television, fans are separate (or confused) as to whom to hearten for.

WWE.com now has a check of who is a biggest hazard to Lesnar‘s WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Bryan binds a slight lead over Reigns and Seth Rollins during 36 percent.

The miss of enthusiastic demand, identical to that heading adult to WrestleMania XXX, will expected outcome in WWE adhering with a strange plan.


Brock Lesnar vs. Daniel Bryan: 9-2 Odds

It would be utterly startling if WWE totally altered instruction and nixed a designed categorical eventuality between Reigns and Lesnar.

Booking Bryan to better Reigns and go on to WrestleMania would be same to cancelling a 2015 Royal Rumble. In fact, this argument seems designed to legitimize Reigns.

WWE is engagement Daniel Bryan to have no honour for Reigns as a wrestler. If a dual have a good compare and Reigns is victorious, a separate throng will be one in a support of Reigns.

Bryan’s best possibility of being in a WrestleMania categorical eventuality is in a intensity Triple Threat match.


Brock Lesnar vs. Daniel Bryan vs. Roman Reigns: 11-4 Odds

Earlier this month, Dave Meltzer of a Wrestling Observer Newsletter reported Vince McMahon done a change to a WrestleMania categorical eventuality (h/t Wrestling Inc). Per usual, a news records “plans could always change,” so a tangible outcome is anybody’s guess.

Last year, a fans forced WWE’s palm in a identical situation. The outcome was Daniel Bryan in a categorical eventuality Triple Threat compare during WrestleMania XXX.

This year, cheers for Reigns are heard among a same infrequent fans who base for Cena. As prolonged as Reigns maintains their support, WWE will not feel a need to cavern to vigour from a some-more hardcore fanbase.

Lesnar is WWE’s biggest captivate and will be a pull no matter who he faces in a categorical event.

In 2014, a Triple Threat compare was a necessity. This year, it would be overkill.


Sting vs. Triple H: 83-100 Odds

Since Sting’s attainment in WWE, a showdown with Triple H was imminent. Sting continues to play mind games with The Authority, and Fastlane should be no different.

Barring injury, Sting vs. Triple H during WrestleMania 31 is some-more of a shoo-in than any other match. Their fight will expected finish with one idol severe another.

With Sting’s appearances so widespread out, this might be a mark where Triple H gets his heat. WrestleMania is usually weeks away, and Triple H still has nonetheless to get over on Sting.

In all likelihood, an waylay by The Authority is planned. But with Sting set to seem in person, a priority should be to make their compare official.


Will Dolph Ziggler get concerned in a Reigns-Bryan categorical event? Listen for more on a PodNasty Fastlane preview!


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