WWE Fastlane 2015: Match Card, Potential Spoilers, Predictions and More

February 21, 2015 - WWE

WWE Fastlane 2015 will be some-more than usually a WrestleMania warm-up; it will be a noted initial section for a company’s newest pay-per-view.

While WWE is positively saving a really best for a Show of Shows, a Feb eventuality has promise. Rusev and John Cena clobbering any other, Roman Reigns carrying a best singles compare of his career and a abnormal philharmonic that will accompany Sting are certain to make for an enchanting event.

Whether that translates to a folks now enjoying giveaway subscriptions to a WWE Network to re-up in Mar and over stays to be seen.

That will be a company’s goal. Give fans adequate of a stirring ambience during Fastlane to tempt them to a indicate that WrestleMania feels must-watch.

A lot of that will count on how a categorical eventuality looks post-Fastlane. A Daniel Bryan win in Memphis sets adult a ultimate David-versus-Goliath matchup. Reigns rising with a feat points to WWE stability to behind him as a subsequent large thing.

There is, however, reason to trust that a hitch will finish with no transparent result.


News, Potential Spoilers

Are we headed for a second uninterrupted Triple Threat compare during a tip of a WrestleMania card? According to during slightest one report, we certain are.

F4WOnline (h/t Wrestle Zone) reports that Vince McMahon has given in to a thought of inserting Daniel Bryan into a Triple Threat compare during WrestleMania 31.

Credit: WWE.com

That would of march indicate to some arrange of non-finish during Fastlane to set that up.

It would also be a depart from WrestleMania tradition, as usually dual Triple Threat bouts have headlined a show, and there was a 10-year opening between them.

It’s no certainty that Reigns opposite Bryan ends with a correct conclusion, though.

A fan asked Dave Scherer of PWInsider whether McMahon had indeed altered his mind about WrestleMania’s categorical event. Scherer responded: “That story has been going around. And there are other stories observant he is sole on Reigns versus Lesnar.”

Another large doubt concerning Fastlane is either Randy Orton will uncover up. He hasn’t seemed on WWE TV given November. 

Fans keep awaiting him to burst behind into a fray, go after Seth Rollins and set adult a compare between them during WrestleMania. It’s still misleading when that will happen.

As Wrestling Inc’s Raj Giri notes, Orton is no longer advertised for any arriving televised events. On a other hand, PWInsider’s Mike Johnson reports that “Orton is approaching behind on WWE TV in a subsequent week or so.”

RICK SCUTERI/Associated Press

Does that meant Fastlane or Raw a following night? Rollins now carrying a compare to meddle in creates it some-more approaching that Orton shows adult in Memphis. WWE is using out of time to get started with building adult a compare between a twin for WrestleMania.

Johnson also provides some discernment into a Goldust and Stardust feud. He writes that “there have been skeleton to mangle adult a group of Goldust and Stardust to set adult a WrestleMania singles hitch for some time.”

That confirms what many folks expected. It looks afterwards as if their strife during Fastlane will usually be a predecessor to something bigger during a Showcase of a Immortals.


Match Card

  • Erick Rowan, Dolph Ziggler and Ryback vs. Seth Rollins, Kane and Big Show
  • Goldust vs. Stardust
  • Dean Ambrose vs. Bad News Barrett (Intercontinental Championship)
  • Cesaro and Tyson Kidd vs. The Usos (Tag Team Championship)
  • Paige vs. Nikki Bella (Divas Championship)
  • Rusev vs. John Cena (United States Championship)
  • Daniel Bryan vs. Roman Reigns (winner categorical events WrestleMania)


Before we dive into my possess predictions, check out Bleacher Report’s possess Dan Pecoraro’s picks:


Quick Predictions

  • Rowan, Ziggler and Ryback over a Authority.
  • Goldust over Stardust (via disqualification).
  • Ambrose over Barrett.
  • The Usos over Cesaro and Kidd.
  • Nikki over Paige.
  • Rusev and Cena go to non-finish.
  • Reigns over Bryan.


Six-Man Tag

This is where WWE can insert Orton behind into a picture. The Viper costing Rollins a compare here is an easy, effective setup for a WrestleMania compare many have been expecting.

That outcome also gives a good guys another feat to applaud after descending to a Authority so many times. Ziggler, specifically, has forsaken a ton of matches to Rollins. The usually times he has beaten him has been with some help.

Sting rubbed that purpose a final dual times. This time, Orton plays a cavalry.


Sibling Rivalry Pt. 1

This is early in this story for Goldust and Stardust to be colliding. With WrestleMania still on a horizon, design this to be some-more of a setup for another hitch on Mar 29.

A infamous Stardust beats on his hermit in a corner, ignoring a referee’s five-count. The beatdown serves to serve a feud, while not giving many away.

There needs to be a lot some-more hype for this, some-more Dusty Rhodes appearances and a family-breaking-apart narrative. That happens later. For now, Stardust issues a initial assault.


The Hot Potato Championship

Check out WWE.com’s history of a Intercontinental Championship. The new settlement is to pass around a pretension often.

In 2014, a IC belt altered hands 7 times. A sum of 6 pretension changes occurred in 2012. So distant in 2015, there has been usually one new champ.

Credit: WWE.com

Expect that to change. WWE doesn’t seem to know what to do with Ambrose right now. Pinning a IC pretension on him feels like a kind of holdover pierce a association would go to. 

It should be a plain bout, though there hasn’t been adequate buildup to make it anything special notwithstanding a talent involved.


Cesaro and Kidd Keep Chasing

The argument over a tab titles has usually usually begun. Aside from a quarrel in a restaurant, there haven’t been any large moments between a duos yet.

Count on that changing after Fastlane.

This time around, Cesaro and Kidd will pull a Usos but eventually tumble short. It’s smarter to make a bigger understanding of crowning them new champs, saving that climax for WrestleMania.

Regardless, this will be copiousness good. With a intriguing meshing of styles and all a athleticism that will be inside a ring on Sunday, this is a dark-horse hazard for a night’s show-stealer.


Paige Has to Wait for No. 3

Paige hasn’t even been on a categorical register for a full calendar year. Still, she has a shot of being Divas champ for a third time. That would tie her with Eve Torres and AJ Lee for a many reigns in a title’s history.

Credit: WWE.com

Look for WWE to reason off on that achievement. Having her be on a hunt is inherently some-more interesting, and her stream office has usually usually begun. It will feel rushed to have her win again already.

Besides, there is always a appearing hazard that Brie and Nikki will implode once more, environment adult a possibility for them to hang adult a argument that finished distant too quietly.


Round we of Cena vs. Rusev is Only Precursor 

This strife will be dual group pouring gasoline on a wildfire. It will be during WrestleMania where they will put it out. 

Rusev’s initial loyal detriment can’t occur during Fastlane. After milking his undefeated strain for this long, it has to finish on a bigger theatre that is WrestleMania. 

After examination how heated things got between these dual powerhouses on Monday’s Raw, it’s easy to suppose them removing so held adult in their combative that they forget about winning and losing. Maybe they quarrel in a stands good over a bell or don’t concede a compare to strictly get started before slugging it out.

Either way, a passion these dual have combined and their well-matched styles make this a best gamble for a night’s best match.


Reigns Proves Himself

Reigns has to win. Rumors of a power Triple Threat be damned—it’s usually not intelligent engagement to go with Lesnar opposite Bryan opposite Reigns. That’s too swarming of a stage.

WWE has committed itself to elevating Reigns. It has had him mangle a Royal Rumble record for many eliminations, browbeat during a 2013 Survivor Series, take down Big Show again and again and now has usually one some-more jump for him to clear.

Reigns violence Bryan in a compare that ends with a bearded soldier jolt Reigns’ palm creates a many sense.

It’s too late to go with Bryan. WWE doesn’t wish to amalgamate winning a Rumble. Besides, Reigns has taken large strides this year, improving on a mic and exuding power in a ring. 

This will be his crowning impulse and his best singles hitch to date. That’s what it is designed for.

Reigns will conflict a associate babyface and emerge with a Beast Incarnate subsequent on his list.

source ⦿ http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2369974-wwe-fastlane-2015-match-card-potential-spoilers-predictions-and-more

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