WWE Fastlane 2016: Top Stars Who Deserve a Match during PPV

February 14, 2016 - WWE

AJ Styles is a well-traveled Superstar who has finished a new home in WWE. The Phenomenal One has been wowing audiences with his high-octane offense and intensity, that keeps him on a turn all his own.

Much of that offense has been on arrangement opposite one of WWE’s legends, Chris Jericho.

Jericho is holding a feverishness in this adversary so far, and it’s to be expected. After all, Styles is a new man on a roster, and a association wants him to get over as shortly as possible. Jericho branch heel on him is a best approach to make that occur right now.

He’s also a best competition in terms of Styles being means to uncover off in a ring.

Both group have good chemistry in a ring, and that chemistry could cranky over into Fastlane. The array is tied with one win apiece, and that means a rubber compare should take place. If that happens on Feb 21 and there is no winner, afterwards a fourth compare is set adult ideally for WrestleMania 32.

This is one of a best sets of matches that fans have seen in utterly some time, and it’s a large understanding that it’s function for Styles on his opening to WWE. He has finished and seen it all in his career; to see him perform on a WWE theatre now after all this time has been good for fans who have followed him from a beginning.

For fans who are usually now examination him work, there could have been no improved approach to deliver him. Jericho is giving his all as he always does, and Styles is responding in kind. He looks as yet he fits right in, and that should usually urge with his subsequent compare opposite Y2J.


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