WWE Fastlane 2017 results: Goldberg wrecks Owens in 22 seconds to win title

March 6, 2017 - WWE

The haze carried on a “Road to WrestleMania” after Sunday night notwithstanding a WWE Fastlane pay-per-view that left many to be desired.

In presumably a many unsatisfactory pay-per-view label given WWE’s many new code prolongation final July, Goldberg capped off a head-scratching night of finishes by pinning Kevin Owens in 22 seconds to spin a third WWE concept champion.

At 50, Goldberg’s quip has garnered outrageous sentimental hum for a WWE, and he’ll enter a WrestleMania 33 showdown opposite Brock Lesnar on Apr 2 in Orlando, Florida, wearing a gold. (The total age of a main-event participants is 89.)

The feat also carried Goldberg’s in-ring time to a total 5:07 in 3 matches, including his initial lapse during Survivor Series opposite Brock Lesnar and follow-up coming during a Royal Rumble.

Putting a pretension on a line in Goldberg’s rematch with Lesnar during WrestleMania positively adds status to a marquee compare with crossover appeal. But one has to doubt a value of a means it took to get there.

The rumors of Goldberg’s remarkable victory, that have swirled for months online, did zero to alleviate a impact of how many saying him with a belt threatened both a credit of a pretension and Owens’ 188-day reign, that began one week after initial champion Finn Balor relinquished a belt due to damage after winning it during SummerSlam.

Sadly, a Goldberg-Owens engagement preference on Sunday was one of usually a handful that left viewers holding to amicable media with disdain. Both Charlotte Flair’s 16-match PPV singles widespread strain and Braun Strowman’s 18-month unbeatable build came crashing down on an in-between PPV that didn’t seem to aver such headlines.

Fastlane also suffered from a fallout of what happens when your categorical eventuality is reduction than 30 seconds long. A span of last-minute (and meaningless) matches were total that usually bogged down a show, origination it feel many some-more like an part of Raw.

The night wasn’t though a few highlights, including Neville’s fantastic cruiserweight pretension invulnerability opposite Jack Gallagher and Samoa Joe’s earthy dismantling of Sami Zayn. But a bad distant outweighed a good on this night.

The WWE’s radio structure utterly mostly allows for a sins on Sunday night to be entirely remade 24 hours after with a large exhibit on Raw. This week, for all we know, that competence be a case.

But even yet Sunday’s regulation expected did a lot to bond a dots in WWE’s incomparable devise that is now unseen, a ho-hum uncover unsuccessful to leave a confident assembly so tighten to WrestleMania.

Check out full regulation and highlights of Fastlane next and see what else went down Sunday night in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  

WWE Fastlane results

Rich Swann Akira Tozawa def. The Brian Kendrick Noam Dar around pinfall in 9:25 (Kickoff Show): A span of particular cruiserweight feuds were total in this high-energy tab group match. Early on, Dar’s girlfriend, Alicia Fox, used her physique as a defense for a heel twin outward a ring and successfully prevented a tandem aerial mark from Swann and Tozawa. But a babyfaces would not be denied late in a compare as, simultaneously, Tozawa landed a self-murder dive as Swann flipped head-first over a tip rope. Swann afterwards privileged out a ring with a span of super kicks and strike an implausible Phoenix Splash from a tip rope, securing a pin and victory.

Samoa Joe def. Sami Zayn around acquiescence in 9:45: Joe’s categorical register build as an unrepentant hitman continued with a widespread feat that finished when he put Zayn to nap with a Coquina Clutch. Joe, origination his WWE pay-per-view in-ring debut, was physically widespread throughout, fast shutting down Zayn’s attempts during rallying with unbending comebacks. Zayn did good to play possum late in a mark that was good rubbed as he rolled adult Joe for a dual count moments after it seemed a arbitrate competence stop a match. But in a end, Joe put a correct crawl on his showcase of drop by mouthing a words, “I told we so,” to Zayn’s routine body.

Raw Tag Team Championship — Luke Gallows Karl Anderson (c) def. Enzo Amore Big Cass around pinfall to keep a titles in 8:40: After an irregular run of jobbing given initial winning a tab group titles during a Royal Rumble in January, Gallows and Anderson finally perceived some essential engagement to compare their ominous look. The heel twin spent a infancy of a compare violence down and cornering Amore in classical tab group style, including a using knee from Anderson that prevented a diving Amore from origination a prohibited tab to Big Cass. Late in a match, Gallows saved a certain better by pulling Amore’s leg to mangle adult a pin try following his Badaboomshakalaka splash. Gallows afterwards came by once some-more during a finish. After Anderson landed a flog to a face on Amore and went for a pin nearby a ropes, Gallows assisted from outward a ring by knocking Amore’s unprotected leg off a ropes during “two,” permitting a arbitrate to count from 3 though saying a break.  

Sasha Banks def. Nia Jax around pinfall in 8:15: Fresh off her biased detriment to Jax, who dominated a assembly between a ladies during a Royal Rumble, Banks spent a infancy of Sunday’s compare repeating a same formula. Jax’s clever lift as a plausible beast continued, and Banks deserves copiousness of credit for her ability to sell and put Jax over. Banks endured a woe rack, that she topsy-turvy into a front guillotine. She also survived being broom dolled by her hair as Jax yelled, “Who do we consider we are, huh?!” But in a end, Banks survived to lift out a supernatural win. After Jax carried her adult for a Samoan Drop attempt, Banks flipped out and topsy-turvy it into a hurl up, bridging her physique secure a pinfall.

During a kickoff show, Jinder Mahal told Raw ubiquitous manager Mick Foley that he and Rusev were no longer a tab team. Foley motionless that any would contest in singles movement during a uncover and would confirm between themselves who fought that opponent. Before a initial match, Mahal and Rusev fought in a ring with Mahal tossing Rusev over a ringside barrier.

Cesaro def. Jinder Mahal around pinfall in 8:20: This one fast had popcorn compare created all over it. Cesaro and Mahal fought uniformly around a mostly forgettable compare in front of a wordless crowd. Cesaro got prohibited late, joining on his Swiss-1-9 overhanging flog before sketch a dual count following a cranky physique from a tip rope. After Rusev dreaming Mahal by staring him down from a announce table, Cesaro jumped in to set adult a pop-up uppercut and acquire a pin. After a match, Rusev delivered a violence to Mahal, including a using superkick to lay him out.

The Big Show def. Rusev around pinfall in 8:45: In a second formerly unannounced compare that felt a lot some-more like an part of Raw than a PPV, Big Show continued to build his stamina forward of WrestleMania. The compare was earthy from a start as Big Show jumped Rusev and scored a handful of nearby falls. Rusev targeted Big Show’s left knee from there and used a contingent of kicks to a face to finally get a hulk to a ground. In a end, a contingent of chokeslams left Rusev down and out in a corner. Big Show total a diseased KO punch for good measure, notwithstanding a fact that Rusev already seemed to be knocked out, before going for a pin.

Cruiserweight Championship — Neville (c) def. Jack Gallagher around pinfall to keep a pretension in 12:10: Neville’s explain as a aristocrat of a cruiserweights once again hold true, though it wasn’t satisfied though a grueling, earthy fight. In what competence be a division’s best compare given a origination of a Cruiserweight Classic final summer, Neville indispensable a lapse of his Red Arrow finishing scheme to finally put Gallagher away. Along with a series of unbending moves from both wrestlers, a compare was full of high-flying spots. Gallagher landed a encircle self-murder dive to a building before joining on a belly-to-back superplex that scarcely warranted a three-count. After throwing Gallagher into a ropes, Neville landed a snap German suplex that saw Gallagher land tough on his head. But a follow-up Phoenix Splash from Neville from a second wire usually drew a dual count. Neville survived a contingent of conduct butts from a late-rallying Gallagher and countered a second superplex to set adult a finish.

In a backstage area, Paul Heyman refused to acknowledge possibly his client, Brock Lesnar, was in a building. Instead, he explained that a outcome of a Fastlane categorical eventuality would advantage Lesnar as it would possibly display a smirch in Goldberg or spin a WrestleMania 33 compare into one for a concept championship.

The New Day afterwards gathering an ice cream transport to ringside and continued to siphon adult a intensity of those cold treats being accessible soon.

Roman Reigns def. Braun Strowman around pinfall in 17:20: Strowman’s scarcely two-year run as an unbreakable destroyer has come to an end. Despite elevating himself with his performance, that enclosed a monumental missed dash from a tip wire and an fatiguing powerslam of Reigns by a announce table, Strowman suffered his initial singles better by pinfall. The compare was as earthy as one competence design deliberation a sparkling build streamer in. Strowman showcased equal levels of strength and agility. He also perceived assistance from Reigns, who put over a large man’s solve by looking dubious after Strowman kicked out of a pin following a stalk late in a match. In a end, a missed dash from Strowman malleable him adequate to be finished as Reigns landed a second stalk to record a 1-2-3. For as many time and bid has been put into Strowman’s build, it was tough to see his run of prevalence come to an finish here so tighten to WrestleMania.

Raw Women’s Championship — Bayley (c) def. Charlotte Flair around pinfall to keep a pretension in 16:55: Flair’s widespread strain in PPV singles matches came to an finish during 16 in a startling finish. Banks, whose ringside division helped Bayley to a pretension creatively during a Feb. 13 part of Raw, done her participation felt again. Banks’ run-in dreaming Flair from attempting a moonsault onto a locus building and continued quickly in a ring though a disqualification. Chasing Banks outward a ring, Flair was held by Bayley, who strike her law Bayley-to-Belly suplex during ringside. Back in a ring, Flair attempted to hurl adult Bayley for a pin though saw a try stopped by a arbitrate after a screaming Banks forked out that Flair had a handful of tights. Bayley answered immediately with another Bayley-to-Belly to measure a pinfall in a center of a ring.

The compare unsuccessful to beget hum and showcased a miss of in-ring chemistry between Flair and Bayley, a latter of that kicked out from Flair’s moonsault and Natural Selection finisher. Ending Flair’s much-hyped strain was a head-scratcher, as was saying Bayley advantage from heel engagement once again.

Universal Championship — Goldberg def. Kevin Owens (c) around pinfall to win a pretension in 0:22: One spear. One Jackhammer. Goldberg, during 50, will enter WrestleMania 33 as a concept champion. Once again, Goldberg worked adult some-more of a persperate during his iconic opening than inside a ring as an coming from Owens’ former best friend, Chris Jericho, was adequate cost him a title. After loitering a start of a compare perplexing to play mind games with Goldberg by rolling out of a ring 3 apart times, Owens finally jumped into a squared round and demanded a bell be run. However, before that could strictly happen, Jericho’s song strike and he walked out onto a stage, distracting Owens. As shortly as a bell was run, Goldberg now pounded a dreaming Owens and laid him out with a spear. Then came a Jackhammer and a 1-2-3. With a win, Goldberg became a second-oldest WWE universe champion behind Vince McMahon (54).

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