WWE Fastlane 2018 live results: Winners and highlights on Sunday night

March 11, 2018 - WWE

Fastlane has ended, and we have a many improved clarity of what SmackDown’s contributions to a WrestleMania 34 label will be. We had a pretension change, an interrupted pretension match, dual pretension defenses, and Shane McMahon messing around, again. Also, John Cena is sad.

Want a blow-by-blow of WWE Fastlane 2018? Our live blog handily translates into a formula post now that a eventuality is no longer live. we adore science!

AJ Styles vs. John Cena vs. Baron Corbin vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Sami Zayn vs. Kevin Owens for a WWE Championship

Shinsuke Nakamura is going to WrestleMania 34 and confronting a WWE Champion, yet he has to wait until a execution of this compare to see who that will be. If Styles retains, Nakamura gets a competition he’s already pronounced he wants. If Cena wins, that’s a record 17th WWE Championship win. If Sami Zayn or Kevin Owens win, well, it’ll unequivocally count on how they won and who they pin before we know how a friends would conflict to a other winning. If Ziggler or Corbin wins? Listen, we don’t have to perform any probability here.

How do we wish a compare to end?

SmackDown commissioner Shane McMahon is here, presumably to insert himself into a record somehow. Daniel Bryan, SmackDown’s GM, isn’t here to stop Shane O’Mac from pulling whatever rubbish he skeleton on pulling, so, prepared for some rubbish to happen.

Cena’s shirt is unequivocally bright.

It’s not a new shirt, yet observant it with a side of a ring a same tone unequivocally brings a thought of a liughtness to a forefront.

Sami and KO still seem to be fighting, as Owens won’t make eye strike with him. We’ll substantially find out tonight if Zayn is a genuine bad man of a twin now, or if Owens has another rigging of terrible crony in him to opposite for a intensity that Zayn is going to be a bad friend.

John Cena only strike an Attitude Adjustment on everybody in a ring solely for AJ Styles. Not all during once, yet one during a time. Hey, he’s removing older, okay? The feats of strength competence not be what they used to be. So this compare fundamentally starts out as a one-on-one of Cena vs. Styles.

It is no longer a one-on-one, and also Cena only satisfied 5 wrestlers are unequivocally indignant during him and also conscious. In a associated story, Cena is laying on a belligerent removing kicked until he can no longer feel.

AJ Styles is finally removing a small mangle on a outward after Corbin threw him out of a ring, only in time for Cena to reenter a ring and start delivering repairs again. Kevin Owens comes out of nowhere with a Frog Splash to strike Ziggler and try to pin him, yet Styles pops behind in a ring to mangle adult a pin.

This compare is like 90 percent signature moves and finishers and we gotta say, a spamming is operative given that also means there is a rotating expel and lots of reversals. Intrigue! Everything relocating fast! Let’s get weird, this is a compare with 6 dudes in it and no rules.

Corbin strike a Deep Six on Styles and it was ridiculous, how did he spin that quick with someone in his arms

Corbin and Ziggler are fighting in a crowd, Owens is ripping detached a announce tables perplexing to harm Styles, Cena and Zayn are nowhere to be found, and Shane McMahon is covering his mouth anticipating Zayn and Owens die, probably.

Cena did what Owens could not, putting Styles by a list with an Attitude Adjustment that saw him pitch Styles from one list to another.

Oh hey, it’s Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens in a ring together, watchful for a other to punch first. Zayn told Owens he’d assistance Kevin win, yet Kevin is carrying trust issues.

Zayn is laying down for KO! Owens is conflicted about this! Owens pulled Sami adult to start violence on him, that resulted in a rollup from Zayn, and now it’s off to a races for these two, and by races we meant punching any other in a face.

Zayn and Owens competence have stopped fighting prolonged adequate to confirm Shane McMahon needs to get his donkey kicked. Or during slightest Zayn did, and he changed out of a approach when Owens attempted to flog him from behind, heading to McMahon removing kicked in a face.

Listen, Shane substantially deserved that.

Shane only kept Owens from winning a WWE Championship by pulling a ref out of a ring, and Daniel Bryan is going to have something to contend about this on Tuesday.

SHANE, QUIT IT YOU JERK. He only pulled Zayn off of Owens to keep Zayn from winning a title, too! Shane is a genuine heel here, and I’m not only observant that given he’s abounding and I’m light years to a left of his family.

Cena scarcely wins a WWE Championship, too, yet Ziggler stops it from happening, afterwards avoids carrying stairs thrown during him. He ends adult removing strike with an Attitude Adjustment for his troubles, yet afterwards Cena gets strike with a Pop-Up Powerbomb, but then AJ Styles shows behind adult after his small announce list snooze to pin Owens and retain.

This was a right match: it was totally batshit, it never slowed down, and a right chairman won during a end. It’ll be AJ Styles vs. Shinsuke Nakamura for a WWE Championship during WrestleMania 34, and Zayn/Owens still get a reason to be insane during Shane McMahon.

Oh, and don’t forget John Cena missed out on another shot during WrestleMania 34’s card.

Charlotte Flair defends her SmackDown Women Championship opposite Ruby Riott

Charlotte is watchful to find out who she’ll be confronting during WrestleMania 34, yet before then, she’ll have to improved Ruby Riott — Charlotte doesn’t have an involuntary bid for Mania if she can’t get past Riott, yet a retreat is also true.

Riott has been perplexing to poke holes in a Charlotte Flair mythos, and she did a flattering good pursuit of it for a many part, in that approach where a heel is scold yet not scold adequate for we to totally take their side. She also denounced that a Riott Squad shaped privately to take out Charlotte, and now she’s got her possibility for that to happen.

If a Bludgeon Brothers miscarry this compare we swear

Charlotte couldn’t shake Ruby off of her back, so Charlotte rolled by a center rope, forsaken back-first onto a apron, and afterwards both her and Ruby tumbled to a outward of a ring. That had to hurt, yet hey, Ruby is no longer trustworthy to Charlotte!

Here are Naomi and Becky Lynch here to assistance behind Charlotte adult and keep a rest of a Riott Squad (Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan) from interfering on their boss’ behalf. That certain is a lot of people out here to be dreaming by combative while no one is gripping an eye on Carmella.*

*I don’t feel strongly that Carmella is going to money in, yet am compulsory to note any eventuality where it could work out.

Ruby Riott has been in control fundamentally a whole match, and now she’s gripping Charlotte in a reason so she can roar about how her friends are going to see her fail.

By a way, Corey Graves observant Charlotte could be shown to be a “bleached blonde failure” is waggish given he’s now sporting frosty blond hair.

Here’s Charlotte fighting back, and she’s got Riott in place for a moonsault and lol nope, no she does not, Riott got adult and pushed Charlotte so tough she went face-first outward a ring into a barricade.

Hurricanrana off a top, yet it’s not adequate for Riott to get a 3 count and a title. Like with Rusev opposite Nakamura, if this ends with Riott holding a L, she’s going to have looked genuine good in defeat.

Logan and Morgan duped Naomi and Becky into removing into a ring, and afterwards took advantage of a ref being dreaming to send a faces to a back. The ref afterwards incited and tossed a Riott Squad, too, that got Ruby arguing with him, and resulted in Charlotte removing time to redeem and flog on Riott.

Ruby, we shouldn’t have protested too much, we had this one going solo!

Riott reverses a intensity Figure 8 into a rollup, and now a dual are behind to block one in their corners. Charlotte wins that initial communication with a stalk and afterwards goes into a Figure 8, and Riott taps out.

You had her until we were hoisted by your possess petard, Ruby.

Yoooo Asuka is here, and she is presumably here to plea Charlotte for a SmackDown Women’s Championship during WrestleMania 34. That or she only wants to uncover off her bone-head robe.

We got a pointer point, it’s official, Asuka vs. Charlotte during WrestleMania 34. That expected means Alexa Bliss will urge a RAW Women’s Championship opposite Nia Jax, yeah?

The Usos urge a SmackDown Tag Team Championships opposite The New Day

Here we go, your illusive compare of a night: a New Day are severe a Usos for a SmackDown Tag Team Championships, and while this is a matchup we’ve seen a million times, we all know we’d compare it a million more. These are a dual best tab teams in WWE, and they’re going during it once more, with legacies and contention of wanting a WrestleMania coming concerned this time around.

Here we goooooooo

Xavier Woods starts out severely intense, yet gets a flog to a face that slows him down in a precipitate and puts a Usos in control early.

Well here’s a good point:

Are we going to give Big E his possibility to gleam during Mania in a rematch of this match? Both teams positively merit that stage, so let’s wish Big E sitting this one out is a spirit I’m reading it as.

This throng has not finished a whole lot of sound given a opening compare — thanks, Orton and Roode — yet a Usos and New Day seem to be solemnly reviving them. Kofi only strike a top-rope splash, and that finisher crime is certain to provoke a Usos once they arise up. In fact, when Woods and Kofi went to do a tag-team chronicle of a dash a Usos employ, they got themselves thrown off a tip by pronounced indignant Uso.


Okay so a good news is we’re going to get some-more New Day vs. Usos in a future. The bad news is that we’re removing it given a Bludgeon Brothers showed adult to miscarry a happiness.

The Bludgeon Brothers do demeanour dangerous here, so there’s that, yet also their costumes are still horrible. At slightest they used those hammers to harm people this time, though!

Pros and cons?

Cons: Usos vs. New Day was interrupted, a Bludgeon Brother costumes are still bad

Pros: Luke Harper wrecking everybody in his approach is good, even if he’s wearing pants Kane would be broke to be seen in.

Naomi and Becky Lynch vs. Natalya and Carmella

Yo all of Naomi’s hair is splendid immature underneath her opening lights and it is great. I’s only a wig, not a blacklight-friendly color job, yet still.

I’m unequivocally meddlesome to see if Carmella ends adult eating a pin in this compare — if she does, it creates me feel like she’s going to get a cash-in eventuality for her Money in a Bank briefcase during WrestleMania 34, given WWE loves to make it seem like a briefcase hilt is totally invalid and infirm before they money in.

Carmella is bone-head as ruin by a approach so they unequivocally need to do something with her besides have her lose. Not that that has to start tonight, given Becky Lynch could also use a W like we review about. In fact, we only did!

Watching a absurd jaunty things that Naomi can do creates me wish to see her combat Asuka during some point. And oh wow, Natalya only attempted to bury Naomi underneath a pad with that powerbomb. More of that, please.

Those “athletic things” do not embody a “modified Stunner” that was so mutated it forgot to do a stunning.

Carmella screams for Natalya, and a daze manages to get Becky Lynch kicked in a face and pinned. So, Carmella doesn’t get pinned, yet Becky manages to continue her pay-per-view losing streak. Can’t win them all, literally.

Just going to leave this here. You know, in box it’s accurate.

Bobby Roode defends a United States Championship opposite Randy Orton and his conduct full of hair

Randy Orton is looking for a US title, as it would make him a Grand Slam Champion — he’s already been a tab group champ, 13-time WWE Champion, and an Intercontinental Champion, so all that’s blank is a other midcard title. Hey, if Orton becomes a Grand Slam champ, he’ll accomplish something his always-has-more-accolades counterpart John Cena has not.

This… could be good. It could also be plodding and bloody to anyone examination it. It doesn’t assistance that both Orton and Roode are faces here — sure, there have been sneak-attack RKOs, yet like, that’s only Orton when he’s awake. Maybe we’ll get an pithy spin from one of a dual or they’ll work quick teasing finishers and not go 15 mins full of rest binds and stomps.

Jinder Mahal looms, of course, as he has over a United States Championship and Randy Orton for many of a final year, so maybe he’ll come in and digest this eventuality while complicating it. Or we’ll get a slow-as-hell 15-minute chronicle of this compare and Mahal will miscarry once things collect adult to setup a Mania compare for a belt featuring a former NXT Champion and dual of a WWE Champions given a final Mania.

For a record, they’re kind of in between plodding and aggressive. Some of a charge is plodding, and some of it is aggressive, yet it also looks like Randy Orton is picking adult a gait already, too.

ah shit here come a delayed stomps never mind

By a approach it’s good that they’re posing this compare as like, maestro vs. relations visitor to WWE. It’s loyal so prolonged as we keep a “to WWE” partial of Roode’s portion, yet he’s 3 years comparison than Orton and worked occasional matches for WWE before Orton ever debuted, afterwards changed on to TNA full-time in 2004.

Also a throng is now chanting for Byron Saxton if you’re wondering since I’m articulate about this fun fact instead of recapping what’s going on in a match. Hey, a powerslam! Orton’s powerslam is so fast, and unequivocally pretty.

Orton goes for an RKO, yet Roode counters and attempts to strike a Glorious DDT — that’s also countered, heading to a method that formula in Orton being tossed outward of a ring.

Now Roode assimilated Orton outward a ring, and he paid for it by being thrown into a block — that was a smashing sell by Roode, too, as he only totally stiffened and fell like a tree. Orton is going for a superplex — we’ve already had a DDT on a ropes and a powerslam, so maybe Randy thinks he needs to check off all a selected moves before he can land that RKO opposite a champ.

Roode reverses a superplex into a nightfall flip and a powerbomb, and a throng sounds like they’re prepared for this compare to end. Will they get their wish?

Now we get a superplex from Orton, yet he can’t get a 3 count after solemnly crawling over to cover Roode. Orton reverses a Glorious DDT! Roode reverses an RKO! And now here’s a spinebuster that doesn’t get a three, so Roode is only sitting in a ring. This method is this compare in a nutshell: brief moments of fad followed by a lot of zero happening.

And now we’re behind to brief excitement! An RKO from Orton when Roode tries to conflict from a turnbuckle, and Randy Orton is your new United States Champion and a latest Grand Slam champ in WWE history.

I’m not job that one “out of nowhere!” like a announce group did, given Roode literally fell right into it around a jumping zero off a ropes.

And here’s Mahal to scream during Orton, yet he’s interrupted by Roode and a Glorious DDT — Roode hits Orton with one for good measure, too, so it looks like we will indeed finish adult in a three-way dance during Mania. YMMV on that result, yet we can all determine on one thing: this compare is over and we’re improved for it.

Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Rusev

Nakamura vs. Rusev is a kind of compare that can set a gait of a pay-per-view, and that’s what Fastlane is kicking off with. It should be remarkable that it can set a wrong kind of pace, depending on that chronicle of Nakamura shows up, yet if he’s going to go all-in opposite an competition who deserves that in Rusev, this could get us all hyped for what comes after.

Shinsuke Nakamura won a Royal Rumble, and is guaranteed a shot during a WWE Championship during WrestleMania 34. It’s misleading who he’ll be confronting — that’ll be solved in a categorical eventuality during Fastlane — yet in a meantime, he gets to combat Rusev, and on Rusev Day, even!

It’s unequivocally a contrition we’ve got Rusev operative heel here given a whole throng is chanting for him — even after Aiden English dumped on Columbus in his intro for Rusev, a throng still screamed “RUSEV DAY!” — yet on a other hand, during slightest Rusev has a compare during Fastlane, given his Mania trail is still unknown.

Maybe we’ll get propitious and Rusev will come out of this looking like a million bucks even if he’s a loser, and it’ll assistance us get an contingent full-on Rusev vs. Nakamura module after Mania. A live blogger can dream, okay?

Dueling chants of “Nak-a-mur-a” and “Rusev Day!” going while Rusev and Nakamura take turns dishing out damage. Just let Rusev be a face, WWE, he’s so over with a crowd, everybody wants to hearten him even when he’s confronting Nakamura!

Rusev’s fixing isn’t detracting from a peculiarity of a match, during least. They’re holding turns attack any other unequivocally tough on a outward of a ring, and Rusev is now behind in control after slamming Nakamura into a barricade.

Rusev gets sealed in a heel hook, and now he’s walking around cautiously — it doesn’t keep him from lifting Nakamura and slamming him to get a 2.9 count. The repairs is done, however, and Nakamura has a prong to gain on later, presumption he can get behind up.

This compare is next given it’s creation Rusev demeanour clever yet Nakamura looking diseased — Rusev only looks like a large brawny dude who is able of throwing Nakamura around, yet Nak’s smarts and dangerous submissions could finish adult ruining Rusev Day. They both have their strengths, and they’re on display.

That’s another near-fall from Rusev on Nakamura following a superkick to a side of Shinsuke’s head. Another try during a flog fails, and Nakamura starts kneeing Rusev in a throat. Rusev avoids a Kinshasa by throwing Shinsuke into a corner, and afterwards avoids a second with a flog to a face! (!!!)

Maaaan that was roughly three, too. Rusev has looked so good, here, and Nakamura only can’t put him divided notwithstanding being in position mixed times. Now it’s Nakamura avoiding a finisher, though, as Rusev misses his possibility to crush, and cooking a Kinshasa for it. 1-2-3, Nakamura is your winner.

The gait is indeed set following this match, and in a good way.

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