WWE fines Brock Lesnar $500 after heartless finish to SummerSlam match

August 24, 2016 - WWE

Brock Lesnar kick Randy Orton in a categorical eventuality of SummerSlam Sunday night with a ultra-rare TKO finish, bursting open Orton’s conduct with a array of bend shots that continued even after referees stepped in to check on Orton’s condition. 

It was widely believed that Lesnar’s conflict on Orton was a work – definition WWE designed to finish a compare that approach – though countless reports after SummerSlam settled that WWE maestro Chris Jericho confronted Lesnar immediately after a match. WWE.com reported that Orton indispensable 10 staples to tighten a gash. 

Shane McMahon rushed to a ring to try and stop Lesnar and strengthen his SmackDown star, though Lesnar responded by attack McMahon with an F5. The following night on Raw, Stephanie McMahon betrothed that Lesnar would face repercussions, and that he “absolutely crossed a line.”

On Tuesday, WWE announced that Lesnar has been fined $500. 

Considering Lesnar is a second highest-paid wrestler on a register as a part-timer according to Forbes, he substantially won’t remove too most nap over a punishment.

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