WWE giving Army oldster who mislaid leg in Iraq possibility to turn a pro wrestler

July 26, 2015 - WWE

While a Hulk Hogan liaison has devoured a press WWE has perceived in new days, there is a feel-good story that is entrance out of a company.

A U.S. Army fight maestro who mislaid his left leg in an IED (improvised bomb device) occurrence in Ramadi, Iraq, in 2006 is attempting to make his pro wrestling dream come true, reports a Louisville Courier-Journal.

Michael Hayes –€“ not a Freebird Michael Hayes –€“ will continue his office of a pro wrestling career interjection to WWE ancillary him in annoy of troubles with a prosthetic device that prevented him from being a claimant on their “Tough Enough” existence show.

Forty people were comparison to try out and 13 allege for a show, that is on USA Network on Tuesdays. The leader will accept a WWE contract.

Hayes told a Courier-Journal a training was a toughest he had been by given Army foot camp, though he done it by a initial day though being cut.

He woke adult for a second day of training to learn he had been exerting too most force on his prosthesis, causing a bottom of his left leg to bleed.

“I could hardly put my prosthesis on,” pronounced Hayes, who along with losing a leg, postulated a damaged hip, a dejected right heel, shrapnel repairs in his hands and browns on 35 percent of his physique in a blast in Iraq that left him as a sole survivor.

He attempted to attend in a drills, though had to repel from a foe due to a problem.

But that wasn’t a finish for Hayes. After giving his farewell to a judges and other contestants, he was approached by comparison executive of WWE talent growth Canyon Ceman.

Ceman pronounced a WWE wasn’t giving adult on him and that when he was entirely recovered he would be deliberate for a developmental contract. The review between a dual was uploaded to WWE’s YouTube page on Jun 18.

You can review Hayes’ fortifying story here.

source ⦿ http://www.foxsports.com/buzzer/story/wwe-pro-wrestler-army-vet-who-lost-leg-in-iraq-chancer-072615

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