WWE Great Balls of Fire 2017: Full Match Card Predictions After Extreme Rules

June 5, 2017 - WWE

    At Extreme Rules, Neville finished his trilogy of matches with Austin Aries only a approach he did a initial and second one—as a victor.

    The King of Cruiserweights took Aries’ best shots before clamping on Rings of Saturn to force a challenger to daub out. There was an combined decisiveness to this win interjection to a acquiescence finish.

    That expected spells a finish for Neville vs. Aries.

    The champ now needs a uninformed rival. And he might not have to demeanour distant to find one. His stream lackey, TJP, is staid to step adult to Neville.

    Their fondness was built around Neville earnest TJP a destiny pretension shot. The serf has been constant and taken down Neville’s enemies for him. That won’t last, however. 

    By a time Great Balls of Fire rolls around, these dual should be during any other’s throats.

    Neville has already taken down most of a rest of a roster. And a rising Akira Tozawa holding on Neville is something WWE would be improved off saving for SummerSlam. For now, it will be TJP’s spin to try to unseat a king.

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