WWE Has Huge Plans For Jul 4th Edition Of ‘Monday Night Raw,’ Could Kurt Angle Be Involved?

July 3, 2016 - WWE

Last year, WWE had an glorious thought to have a “Beast of a East” live eventuality from Japan atmosphere on a WWE Network early in a morning on a fourth of July. The eventuality was a outrageous success, and a biggest prominence was Finn Balor returning to Japan to constraint a NXT Championship opposite Kevin Owens.

This year, WWE was propitious adequate for Jul 4 to tumble on a Monday. Unsurprisingly, there are outrageous skeleton being grown by WWE officials for a show. It’s approaching to be a large night for WWE programming streamer into a code separate and celebrating a vital holiday live from Columbus, Ohio. According to a news from Daily Wrestling News, some matches and segments have already been announced by WWE. Based on what has been announced, there are firm to be utterly a few surprises adult WWE’s sleeve.

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First and foremost, a stream WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Dean Ambrose, is going to have a large night. Although he’s billed from Cincinnati, Ohio, Columbus is usually a few hours away, and he still approaching to accept a hometown greeting from his home state that will be saying him for a initial time as a WWE Champion.

During a show, Ambrose will have a compare opposite a stream Intercontinental Champion, The Miz, who could be a hometown favourite as good given he was innate and lifted in Parma and is billed from Cleveland. The dual Ohio locals will have a non-title, champion vs. champion match.

Another compare that WWE has announced for a label is a 16-man Elimination Match between Team USA vs. Team International. As of this writing, WWE hasn’t suggested any names for a dual teams, though we can substantially theory some of a names that will be concerned in a match. At a really least, it’s going to be rarely entertaining.

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Of course, WWE couldn’t have an part of Monday Night Raw on a Fourth of Jul though a United States Championship pretension defense. That means a exhilarated adversary between Rusev and Titus O’Neil will be removing a large compare during this special book of Raw. The preference has been done by WWE officials that The Bulgarian Brute will urge a U.S. pretension opposite Titus O’Neil, and possibly male could travel out a U.S. Champion.

Titus has turn most some-more assertive given Rusev motionless to verbally conflict his family after defeating O’Neil during Money in a Bank a few weeks ago. The argument has turn most some-more personal since of that action, and it’s not out of a doubt for WWE to give a WWE Universe a pretension change on a large uncover and try to emanate a large “American” impulse for Titus O’Neil.

The one shred that has a lot of people articulate is a proclamation that a former WWE SmackDown General Manager will be appearing on a uncover to hype a WWE Draft and code separate that will be occurring roughly dual weeks from that night. Over a past few weeks, Teddy Long and John Laurinaitis have both done brief cameos to hype a code prolongation and leave.

However, there has been a large volume of conjecture that Kurt Angle will lapse to WWE during a Jul 4 book of Raw. It might be rarely unlikely, though don’t forget that Angle was a WWE SmackDown GM for a brief time period.

The gossip indent has been full of news surrounding a probable Kurt Angle return over a past integrate of weeks. There are few in a wrestling attention as nationalistic as Angle, that could make WWE’s Fourth of Jul book of Monday Night Raw an ancestral night.

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