WWE Hell in a Cell 2014: Champions Who Will Continue Their Reigns

October 25, 2014 - WWE

At a Hell in a Cell pay-per-view this Sunday, fans will expected see many champions in a organisation deflect off their challengers and keep their belts. It will substantially finish adult being a newsworthy show, yet positively not since of all a pretension switches.

Dolph Ziggler will urge his Intercontinental Championship opposite Cesaro in a hitch certain to be one of a best matches on a card. Good as a compare will be though, we doubt a fans in Dallas will witnesses a pretension change.

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Considering how many faith WWE writers seem to have mislaid in Cesaro over a past 6 months—his feat during a Andre a Giant Memorial Battle Royal led to positively nothing, his earnest storyline organisation with Paul Heyman was forsaken out of nowhere and he’s been grieving in a reduce midcard ever since—it’s formidable to see a Swiss pulling out a win during a pay-per-view.

Inexplicably, a organisation appears to have mislaid faith in him. How depressing.

I don’t wish to give adult on Cesaro’s WWE career completely, of course, yet if a organisation was ever going to get critical about pulling him it certainly would have by now.

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On other notes, Divas champion AJ Lee will go adult opposite visit enemy Paige.

WWE seems to have a lot invested in Lee right now—she’s been pushed as one of a biggest stars on a register and a centerpiece of a company’s women’s division. It truly feels like WWE is building her adult to be a Trish Stratus or Lita of her generation—certainly she has a talent and glamour to lift it off.

With this in mind, it’s formidable to see them throwing all that divided and giving Paige a belt again.

No doubt Paige will stay in a pretension picture—she’s one of a many earnest characters in a organisation right now, and it would be massively foolish for WWE not to continue with her push. But she substantially won’t emerge from Dallas with a belt.

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I’d design Sheamus to keep his United States Championship, too, when he clashes with The Miz. After all, he’s usually usually started his argument with a Christmas Bounty star, and it’s substantially too shortly to control a pretension switch.

Another probable unfolding would see Miz’s sidekick Damien Sandow get concerned usually for his division to disastrously explode and cost his crony a bout. Such an angle would potentially lead to Sandow going face, something that seems unavoidable deliberation a assertive cheers a wrestler has been garnering from a throng in new times.

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In certain respects, Hell in a Cell will be a vital pay-per-view—Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins’ long-running argument with culminate; WWE will have a new challenger for Brock Lesnar’s WWE World Heavyweight Championship—but as distant as many of a midcard belts go, don’t design too many to change.

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