WWE Hell in a Cell 2014: Smart Builds for PPV’s Top Feuds

October 3, 2014 - WWE

Although it competence feel like WWE’s Hell in a Cell 2014 pay-per-view is distant off in a distance, a eventuality is going to hide adult on everyone. Before WWE knows it, there will be a rush to set adult a label a week beforehand.

Night of Champions had one of a misfortune builds this year. Things felt as nonetheless they were using off a smoke of a rematches, and WWE didn’t truly wish to put in any effort.

That can't occur for Hell in a Cell unless WWE is peaceful to take a detriment in ratings that will follow.

However, Hell in a Cell seems cursed to be as many of a filler pay-per-view as one could presumably imagine.


Without Brock Lesnar, WWE Is Banking on Seth Rollins

Perhaps a biggest problem is that a tip of a food sequence in a association is presumably sitting this one out.

No Brock Lesnar and no WWE World Heavyweight Championship compare puts a outrageous weight on Hell in a Cell as it will have to sell itself on a undercard stepping up.

Keep in mind that this is an undercard filled with feuds that haven’t been scrupulously grown and wrestlers who have been abandoned for weeks or infrequently even months while a spotlight was put on some others who are now injured.

How does WWE build Hell in a Cell when it radically usually has dual tip feuds and one of them has already been taken off a table?

The approach things are going, it appears WWE feels it has no choice yet to put all a eggs in Seth Rollins’ basket.

According to a Wrestling Observer Newsletter (h/t WrestlingInc), a stream devise is for John Cena and Dean Ambrose to face off during a commencement of a pay-per-view.

Credit: WWE.com

The leader will be postulated a Hell in a Cell compare opposite Rollins for a categorical eventuality while a crook will have to face Randy Orton in another Hell in a Cell match.

Is this unequivocally a best approach to go about things?

If Cena defeats Ambrose, it will radically be nonetheless another instance of WWE shoehorning a golden child into a spotlight to gain on someone else’s momentum.

This argument between Ambrose and Rollins has not enclosed Cena until now, and there still hasn’t been closure to Ambrose’s side of things.

Pushing Ambrose aside while Cena gets to do his thing effectively shows a WWE Universe that no matter how interesting Ambrose is, he’s still only incomprehensible in comparison to Cena.

On a one hand, if we have Ambrose improved Cena, fans will have to humour by nonetheless another Cena and Orton match, that has been finished to death.

If WWE decides to go with Cena as a winner, a subsequent few weeks will have to be spent building Ambrose adult during a cost of Cena to assistance change things out.

Cena can’t demeanour weak necessarily, yet he cannot, underneath any circumstances, demeanour to be above Ambrose heading adult to Hell in a Cell and afterwards infer it as a fact during a event, cementing his station as widespread over a former Shield member.

The intelligent thing to do is to let things run their march and have Ambrose go on to face Rollins, as that is what WWE has been building adult to for months now.

To go a opposite track only for a consequence of putting Cena in a categorical eventuality means WWE competence as good not worry building anything else for Hell in a Cell, as proof will have been thrown out a window.

Leading adult to Hell in a Cell, WWE would be correct to not omit Randy Orton, either, unless a powers that be are fine with a fans noticing both The Viper and his competition as a B-level filler guys.

Credit: WWE.com

To put some-more story to it, WWE should provoke that Orton is on a hunt for one of them in particular. Ideally, this chairman would be Cena (so as to equivocate a Cena vs. Rollins match).

He should correlate a many with a chairman who will not face him during Hell in a Cell over a subsequent few weeks. That way, when he faces a other chairman during a event, fans will not be ill of it.

Considering how there aren’t many probable twists and turns to put into this storyline, fans competence finish adult ill of it no matter what, unless WWE lets Ambrose continue to do his thing and be a many interesting aspect of a uncover like he was this week.

The some-more Ambrose antics and a reduction “same aged Cena shtick,” a better.

Then again, this would all be bound if WWE would simply do a many intelligent thing of all and have Lesnar urge a WWE World Heavyweight Championship against Cena in a Hell in a Cell match, as that would finish their argument and give a fans a compare estimable of a gimmick stipulation.

Credit: WWE.com


The Divas Championship

It’s tough to suppose WWE going into a pay-per-view where both a WWE World Heavyweight Championship and a Divas Championship are being ignored, yet that’s a case.

The WWE’s transparent priority right now for a Divas multiplication is a argument between a Bella Twins with some other Total Divas expel members wrestling pointless matches.

Credit: WWE.com

It will do 0 for this eventuality if AJ Lee faces off opposite Paige nonetheless again with 0 build, so if WWE skeleton on doing that match, there needs to be a few weeks of sourroundings these dual adult for what should be their final encounter.

If Paige is relocating on, Lee needs to be extrinsic into a argument with Brie and Nikki Bella as fast as probable so she doesn’t seem to be a bit actor and a third circle nobody cares about.

WWE competence have shot itself in a foot, though, and positioned things where Lee is irrelevant in a stream environment.

Hell in a Cell will not lift eyebrows with dual Divas matches on a card: Lee fortifying her pretension in a pointless compare that has no build and Brie vs. Nikki.

WWE has to confirm before this arriving part of Raw either a Bella Twins should face any other in a singles compare or if Lee should be combined into a brew and afterwards go full-steam in putting as many behind it to seductiveness a fans.

The misfortune thing WWE can do is be inconclusive and dump a round with all 3 women, putting them in pointless tab matches and carrying Lee improved Alicia Fox week in and week out.


Politics and Wrestling Go Hand in Hand

As unsatisfactory as it is to say, a tertiary tip argument right now heading into Hell in a Cell is a one between Big Show and Rusev as against to a WWE Intercontinental Championship, United States Championship or Tag Team Championship programs.

After doing a mark on Raw where Big Show pulled down a Russian flag, WWE apologized for anyone who competence have been offended.

Credit: WWE.com

Arguments about either or not this was boneless can be discussed in a comments, yet one thing that’s for certain is that WWE can't means to back-peddle and be too frightened to pull a bounds with this feud.

Having Big Show and Rusev do 0 yet roughly come to blows while Rusev runs divided for a subsequent several weeks is as sore of a build as humanly possible.

WWE should welcome a tragedy in a atmosphere and be even some-more peaceful to get underneath everyone’s skin.

This is a argument where Rusev has been badmouthing a United States of America for months, yet now that something has been finished of an anti-Russian capacity, it’s going too far?

Next week on Raw, that emanate alone should be addressed, with Big Show station adult for his actions and observant that he’s fighting glow with fire—whether it be written attacks from Lana, earthy attacks from Rusev or mystic attacks like with a flag.

For a rest of October, WWE needs to let a tragedy build to a hot indicate and get some media attention.

With an eventuality that has as small to offer as Hell in a Cell, WWE can means to pull some critique in sell for sketch a seductiveness of a public.


Is This a Lost Cause?

WWE competence be in a bad adequate position for Hell in a Cell where a eventuality is cursed no matter what, only out of a miss of large names and bad timing for certain people to be left off a card.

If that’s a case, WWE should spin into a movement and welcome it, sourroundings things adult improved for Survivor Series to make adult for a disappointments from Night of Champions and Hell in a Cell.

What do we consider Hell in a Cell should include of? How should WWE book a subsequent few weeks of a build to a event?

Leave us a criticism next with your thoughts, predictions and anticipation engagement ideas!

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