WWE Hell in a Cell 2016 results: Owens retains, Charlotte wins women’s title

October 31, 2016 - WWE

Hell in a Cell was a large pay-per-view for WWE on Sunday night, one that featured 5 pretension matches from a Raw code and done story with a first-ever women’s compare hold inside a Hell in a Cell structure.

Two of a 3 Hell in a Cell matches stole a show, yet conjunction was totally “clean” in a clarity of their finishes occurring yet extenuating circumstances. There were also a span of pretension changes on a pay-per-view, including Charlotte capturing a women’s championship for a third time to tighten a show.

Check out full formula from Hell in a Cell below. CBS Sports will refurbish this post shortly with highlights from a event.


U.S. Championship (Hell in a Cell) — Roman Reigns (c) def. Rusev around pinfall to keep a title: There was really no chill in this one. Stairs were thrown into a ring, bodies were tossed into a structure, and Reigns used a kendo hang to strike Rusev about a dozen times outward a ring. Rusev eventually took control of a hang and snapped it on half after regulating it on Reigns. He followed with a nearby tumble after regulating Reigns head-first into a set of steel stairs propped atop a ring post; Rusev afterwards scarcely warranted a acquiescence by locking in The Accolade. A steel sequence was brought into play, that Rusev initial wrapped around his fist and afterwards used as a whip. He after employed it as partial of another Accolade acquiescence attempt, pulling Reigns behind with a sequence from inside Reigns’ open mouth. Reigns countered with a Samoan Drop onto a steel steps. While he was recovering, Rusev stood on a steps, giving Reigns a good eventuality for a large spear, that he used to acquire a victory. Reigns continues to get a lot of grief, yet a dude has taken a large step brazen and continues to put on some damn good matches.

Bayley def. Dana Brooke around pinfall: Look, Bayley wasn’t going to be thrown into a pretension design right away. Brooke had her moments, yet a remarkable Bayley to Belly was how everybody figured this would end. Hopefully she can now pierce on to improved foe that can indeed rouse her game.

Luke Gallows Karl Anderson def. Enzo Amore Big Cass around pinfall: There was an positively epic promo by Enzo Cass before a compare — be certain to go find it. Unfortunately, that was a sole prominence of a proceedings. Cass got in some energy moves, as one would expect, yet Gallows Anderson singled out Enzo and strong on him during a finish of a match, eventually attack their Magic Killer finisher before picking adult a 1-2-3. Not a startling finish for certain and substantially a good pierce deliberation Gallows Anderson indispensable a win. But it is bizarre that Enzo Cass are roughly always only fed to a wolves notwithstanding being so over with a crowd.

Universal Championship (Hell in a Cell) — Kevin Owens (c) def. Seth Rollins around pinfall to keep a title: WWE put this compare on fourth, saving a women’s pretension compare for a categorical event. Owens spent a early apportionment of a compare true winning Rollins by operative on his presumably harmed behind and regulating all tools of a dungeon — and each arms inside it — to his disposal. Rollins seemed totally beaten down and executed really small offense for many of a match. It wasn’t until Owens attempted a Pop-Up Powerbomb that Rollins topsy-turvy it and mounted a bit of offense, yet Owens snuffed that out rather quickly. It was during that point, with a list set adult during ringside between a apron and a cell, Owens pointed another list diagonally with a bottom on a apron and a tip set of legs by a cell.

Rollins suplexed Owens on a apron and pacifist outward a ring to strike him out, yet Owens fast took assign again. He pulled a glow extinguisher from underneath a ring, strike Rollins in a stomach with it and afterwards sprayed it in a referee’s face, heading to a opening of a dungeon doorway so a new arbitrate could go a match. That’s when Chris Jericho ran down to ringside and sealed himself in a cell. Rollins fast knocked Jericho out for a bit with a Pedigree and afterwards picked Owens adult in a powerbomb and tossed him outward a ring by a dual aforementioned tables. Rollins strike a frog dash on Owens after rolling him behind in a ring, yet Jericho interfered by pulling a arbitrate out as Rollins was about to register a pinfall victory.

It was during that indicate that Rollins strong on Jericho outward a ring, powerbombing him into a dungeon in an try to make a compare a one-on-one event again. Owens was watchful when Rollins reentered a ring and strike a Pop-Up Powerbomb, yet Rollins kicked out after two. Owens and Jericho afterwards teamed adult on Rollins with a steel chair, and Owens powerbombed Rollins into a span of set-up chairs to finally win a match. It was a extensive and well-told compare even with a designed interference, and deliberation Jericho strike Rollins with a Code Breaker after it was over, it certain looks like that is a subsequent designed rivalry. Whether that means Owens moves on to another challenger for Survivor Series stays to be seen.

Cruiserweight Championship — Brian Kendrick def. TJ Perkins (c) around acquiescence to win a title: A fun back-and-forth compare that featured copiousness of movement and a plain finish. Kendrick sole a left knee damage after he seemed to land awkwardly when being pushed off a ring ropes. When Perkins went to collect him up, Kendrick blindisded him with a headbutt and sealed in a Captain’s Hook to acquire a acquiescence and take home a belt.

Tag Team Championship — Cesaro Sheamus def. The New Day (c) around disqualification: The forced-together group of Cesaro Sheamus had a issues, that came to a conduct when Sheamus incidentally strike Cesaro with a Brouge Kick while aiming for Big E. Sheamus pennyless adult a ensuing pinning try and afterwards launched himself out of a ring into all 3 members of New Day to give Cesaro time to recover. Cesaro shortly sealed in a Sharpshooter on Xavier Woods inside a ring as Sheamus used a trombone to strike out Big E outward of it. The arbitrate saw Kofi Kingston respond to a trombone strike by kicking Sheamus during ringside as Woods tapped out to Cesaro in a squared circle, heading to a suspension feat instead of a acquiescence win. As a result, New Day defended their titles. (We’ll call this a pull on a prophecy of a win and new champion.)

Women’s Championship (Hell in a Cell) — Charlotte def. Sasha Banks (c) to win a title: Charlotte was carried to ringside on a chair by 4 men, while Banks rolled adult in an Escalade limo draped by 4 confidence guards. Charlotte blindsided Banks before a dungeon was lowered and bell stage with a dual going right into a crowd. When they returned, a dungeon was lowered and they began climbing it, yet Charlotte pulled Banks down and powerbombed her into an announce table. Banks spent 5 mins stumbling and laying on a ground, incompetent to mount due to a reduce behind damage as referees called out a stretcher; she was put in a neck prop while great during ringside. All this time, Charlotte stood in a non-stop dungeon screaming for a pretension to be awarded to her, notwithstanding a compare never strictly starting. Just as Charlotte was about to be awarded a pretension due to forfeit, Banks jumped off a gurney, ran into a dungeon and began assertive Charlotte. The bell rang and a compare was finally underway.

Banks was assertive inside a cell, diving out of a ring and assertive Charlotte, reversing a movement of a pre-match activities. Charlotte got a tip palm behind by dropping Banks onto an non-stop chair in a ring, stability her work on Banks’ reduce back. Banks after found herself carrying climbed a dungeon outward a ring, repulsion off it for a double knee into Charlotte that was one of a highlights of a match. Back inside a ring, Banks respected a late Eddie Guerrero by attack a Three Amigos fibre of suplexes followed by his signature frog splash. She afterwards sealed in a Bank Statement, yet Charlotte crawled out of a ring to mangle it up; even a integrate chair shots could not get Banks a fall.

Charlotte set adult a list during ringside and looked to suplex Banks off a tip wire into it, yet Banks kicked her off and Charlotte fell into a list in what looked like an random miscue. Charlotte afterwards sealed Banks in a Figure Eight behind inside a ring, yet Banks pennyless it by grabbing a chair and delivering mixed shots. Three backbreakers knocked Banks out, that gave Charlotte a possibility to place her atop a list set adult inside a ring. Banks would burst off, mangle adult a moonsault try and afterwards set a list towering in a conflicting dilemma of a ring. She attempted to chuck Charlotte into it with a regulating powerbomb, yet her behind gave out and Charlotte threw her into a list twice before attack Natural Selection to acquire a 1-2-3. This outlines a fourth time in a final 98 days (second time in Oct alone) that a pretension has altered hands.

Prediction record: 4-2-1

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