WWE Hell In A Cell 2017 Results: Sami Zayn Joins Forces With Kevin Owens And 5 Things We Learned

October 9, 2017 - WWE

WWE Hell in a Cell 2017 featured Jinder Mahal defeating Shinsuke Nakamura and Kevin Owens violence Shane McMahon after startling assistance from Sami Zayn to tip off SmackDown’s last pay-per-view before Survivor Series.

Credit: WWE/Twitter

Credit: WWE/Twitter

The blue code has ridden a rollercoaster of sorts in new months, with viewership peaking during times when a product is good (like when Vince McMahon or John Cena is around) nonetheless struggling with a array of muted storylines that don’t seem to be improving. Even though SmackDown recently strike a viewership high with Vince’s return, a uncover is entrance off a four-month viewership low, and Hell in a Cell was a step in a right instruction after SmackDown’s last brand-specific pay-per-view, Battleground, was rated by fans as one of a 3 misfortune PPVs in association history.

At Hell in a Cell, we saw a delay of Mahal’s unsatisfactory pretension power and a array of other matches that didn’t feel uninformed or exciting, and there unequivocally aren’t any indications that SmackDown will urge anytime soon, notwithstanding HIAC delivering from an in-ring perspective. Poorly built-up rivalries, such as Natalya vs. Charlotte or Dolph Ziggler vs. Bobby Roode, left fans feeling deflated streamer into Hell in a Cell, nonetheless a eventuality was positively an alleviation after a widen of bad PPV showings for a blue brand.

Whereas Raw’s No Mercy pay-per-view did an glorious pursuit of formulating fad and amour and also was a peculiarity uncover from an in-ring perspective, SmackDown continues to loiter behind, with substantially no signs of that changing anytime soon. Did Hell in a Cell do adequate to change that?

Here are 5 things we schooled during Hell in a Cell.

It’s Time For AJ Styles To Move On To Bigger And Better Things

Credit: WWE.com

Credit: WWE.com

AJ Styles mislaid a United States Championship to Baron Corbin, that should be a finish of what’s been a squandered widen for “The Phenomenal One” given WrestleMania 33.

During a pushes of stars like Mahal and Owens, WWE has ignored Styles, even nonetheless justification indicates he should be a categorical concentration of SmackDown. Styles has achieved good as a categorical eventuality draw, boosting a blue brand’s viewership on several occasions when he’s been pushed as a tip star on a brand, including for his No. 1 contender’s compare opposite Randy Orton and when he teamed adult with John Cena.

Styles is, based on hunt data, substantially a tip sell seller on SmackDown by a nation mile, and yet, he’s been rather ignored in new months as WWE has shifted a concentration to other stars and storylines. At Hell in a Cell, he forsaken a US pretension to Corbin (and didn’t take a pin) in a really good compare that demonstrated that it’s time for Styles to pierce on from a United States Championship, a transparent midcard title, and reinsert himself behind into a WWE Championship design that has lacked amour though Styles in it.

With Styles already 40 years old, he has a singular event to be during a tip of a label in WWE, nonetheless that’s accurately where he belongs as he continues to beget some of a loudest reactions in a company, where he is arguably it best altogether performer. Let’s wish his detriment during HIAC means that he will no longer be stranded in a midcard pretension design that is clearly underneath him.

Randy Orton Wants A Heel Turn, But It’s Not Happening

Credit: WWE.com

Credit: WWE.com

During a new coming on EC’s Pod Of Awesomeness (h/t WrestlingInc), Randy Orton talked about one of a misfortune kept secrets in pro wrestling, a fact that he prefers to be a heel:

I adore it and I’m gonna use that, hopefully earlier than after when we spin heel again since I’m ill of this babyface thing, that’s for sure.

It shows, too.

Orton is a extensive all-around talent, who (based on new YouTube data) is clearly one of WWE’s biggest draws and has helped bump adult viewership for his marquee matches opposite stars like Mahal and Styles. But he’s also apparently mailed it in as of late as a babyface, simply going by a motions during walking rivalries with stars like Mahal and Rusev. Despite that, there continue to be accurately 0 indications that he will get his wish and spin heel anytime soon.

WWE seems vigilant on pulling stars like Owens, Corbin and Mahal as a blue brand’s tip villains, that has left Orton in a babyface purpose that isn’t accurately ideal for him. Perhaps Orton will continue to phone it in hopes of WWE determining to spin him heel, nonetheless as of now, he looks unfailing to be stranded in a babyface purpose that his really small instruction over a array of “RKOs outta nowhere” in track to victories over earnest stars like Rusev that eventually do zero for possibly guy.

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