WWE HOF 2016 Inductees List To Include JBL, Freebirds And Regis Philbin [RUMOR]

January 21, 2016 - WWE

The WWE Hall Of Fame inductees for 2016 have been leaked online reports Whatculture . According to a report, a WWE HOF 2016 inductees list includes Sting ( already confirmed ) alongside JBL, Regis Philbin, Jacquelyn, Papa Shango/The Godfather/Kama and The Freebirds. In short, a WWE HOF 2016 rite is unequivocally disposition into a “hey we’re in Texas” inexpensive pop.

Whatculture is discerning to indicate out a common clarity disclaimer that this is all unconfirmed and could change, though claims to have a high-up WWE source for a info. And, given a Texas-theme to a 2016 HOF difficulty this list creates ideal clarity given that WrestleMania is in Dallas this year.

Sting isn’t a local Texan though his inclusion in a HOF was all-but-guaranteed after a detente on arrangement final year when he seemed during WrestleMania and had to put HHH over given Monday Night Wars. Seriously, bad Sting. Jobs during Mania, jobs during Night of Champions and afterwards gets a career threatening/ending injury. A WWE 2016 HOF mark is about a usually china backing they could offer a Stinger during this point.

JBL, for improved or worse, belongs on a list. Long rumored to be one of a many gigantic pricks backstage , JBL does act as a clever envoy for a brand. He climbs plateau for charity FFS. And he’s got all a large Red State brag (complete with cowboy hat) you’d wish from a local Texan tasked with open vocalization inside a building full of eager Texans.  He’s hold each pretension and provides a benign, watered-down heel explanation somewhere between Jim Ross, Jerry “The King” Lawler and a temperate reservoir of sweat. “That’s not Sting. That’s a design of Sting.”

Regis Philbin is going to be delightful. Like all luminary picks for a WWE HOF you’re kind of left remembering what accurately he did. Here’s a reminder:


The best celebrities are a ones who are in on a fun. Regis positively is and his debate should be one of a some-more eager ones of a night. Hopefully a “WHAT?” chants stay in check for a TV legend.

Jacquelyn is a plain choice for a WWE HOF 2016 induction. The former WWE Women’s Champion is a local of Texas, that helps, though those who remember a Attitude Era will remember Jacquelyn’s power in a ring and her mythological finishing pierce where her breasts incidentally brief out of her top.

The Fabulous Freebirds are also resolutely in a “Yeeha Texas!” category, though move with them a ton of gravitas as one of a mythological stables in pro wrestling history. Michael PS Hayes, especially, deserves a WWE HOF mark not only for his work with The Freebirds though for his ongoing backstage participation as a writer/booker/mentor. In fact, no reduction than WWE Legend Stone Cold Steve Austin has been job for Hayes’ inclusion in a WWE HOF and it appears that this year a Rattlesnake gets his wish.

Rounding out a WWE HOF 2016 inductees list is Charles Wright, improved famous as a Godfather/Papa Shango/Kama. One of a some-more underrated large group in WWE story Wright was a essential support actor for some of a bigger stars and trends in a WWE. It’s tough to suppose a Undertaker’s career though a Papa Shango feud, generally given Wright was one of a improved wrestlers to perform with Taker. Same with a Attitude Era and his purpose as, first, Kama in a Nation of Domination (which launched The Rrock to mega-ultra-super stardom) and afterwards as The Godfather with his mythological Ho-Train. Yes, Wright’s career is a bit tremble estimable what with all a secular stereotypes and celebratory misogyny, though we consider many fans have lustful memories of his work and will suffer saying a plain workman go into a HOF.

What do we think? Is this a good difficulty of WWE HOF inductees? Did a WWE go too complicated on a Texas love? Am we fucking going over? Sound off in the comments section!

source ⦿ http://www.idigitaltimes.com/wwe-hof-2016-inductees-list-include-jbl-freebirds-and-regis-philbin-rumor-505498

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