WWE in Danger of Making Dean Ambrose’s Character Too Silly

October 21, 2014 - WWE

WWE has to equivocate pushing red-hot star Dean Ambrose into Bugs Bunny territory.

The association has to maintain his stream change of crazy and cartoonish, not gaunt some-more toward a latter. The final thing WWE wants is to spin one of a many constrained babyfaces into a joke.

During Ambrose’s new time in a spotlight, he’s been presented as both a dangerous, inconstant anti-hero and a goofball. It’s a moments in that WWE has The Lunatic Fringe drop into a universe of visible gags that should have his fans shaken going forward.

On Monday’s Raw, Ambrose entertained a fans in Kansas City, Missouri, by abusing a Seth Rollins manikin in a ring.

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Puns poured out of him as he pounded a doll with tongs, a saw and a drill. It was a stage meant to uncover Ambrose’s nuttiness and working loathing for Rollins. Ambrose done a peculiar impulse work.

Still, there was a lot of inexpensive amusement here, a kind of wordplay that is customarily Jerry Lawler’s grant to a program.

This isn’t a instruction WWE should be dire toward. Ambrose might drop into silliness, though too most of this has him slip toward comedic-character status.

Earlier this month, Ambrose desirous some-more chuckling when he commandeered a prohibited dog transport and played a condiment gunslinger as Randy Orton and Kane approached him.

Squirting ketchup and mustard into his foes’ faces was fun though not accurately a work of a dim anti-hero. It was too most like John Cena covering Michael Cole in grill salsa and not adequate like Steve Austin blowing adult a DX Express.

Cena‘s act was childish; Austin’s was an act of mortal rebellion.

It creates some-more clarity to have Ambrose be some-more dangerous than funny. The Lunatic Fringe can be as daring as Austin and as indeterminate as Roddy Piper. Achieving that going brazen will need WWE to pass on sillier account options.

Having him fill a ring with steel chairs a la Daniel Bryan fits his impression some-more than environment adult a immature mist as a butt trap.

Have him be a bulb peaceful to jump from any tallness in sequence to harm his enemy. Have him brawl with Rollins in a parking lot. Just never have him dump feces on anyone.

That’s partly what has harm Sheamus. He’s been too most of a jokester as a face. Having him pass gas in Alberto Del Rio’s automobile or star in 1-800-Fella spots are accurately a kind of things WWE needs to equivocate with Ambrose.

In his pre-WWE career, Ambrose evoked comparisons to Heath Ledger’s Joker. He was a snarling predator, a self-proclaimed “sick guy” and a wound-up insane looking to punch someone. This is where Ambrose is during his best.

He’s unique, compelling, edgy.

Those traits turn reduction loyal a some-more pranks he pulls and a some-more he becomes compared with regulating food as weapons. WWE has dual graphic paths it can take with a subsequent intensity megastar.

One highway has him creation emptiness jokes; a other has him being a ass-kicker he was innate to be.

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