WWE meddlesome in New Japan star Kenny Omega

January 13, 2017 - WWE

4:31 PM ET

WWE is meddlesome in posterior New Japan Pro Wrestling standout Kenny Omega, according to Paul “Triple H” Levesque, WWE’s executive clamp boss of talent, live events and creative.

Omega solidified his batch as one of a biggest veteran wrestlers in a universe following his instant-classic main-event compare opposite Kazuchika Okada during Wrestle Kingdom 11 on Jan. 4 during a Tokyo Dome. The 33-year-old Canadian has given settled he is holding time divided from NJPW to cruise his destiny following his better to Okada, with his agreement reportedly set to finish during a finish of a month, fueling conjecture he could be deliberation a pierce to WWE.

“As distant as a Kenny Omega goes, I’m only meddlesome in talent, period,” Levesque told ESPN on a call to foster WWE’s United Kingdom Championship tournament, that front live on a WWE Network during 8 p.m. BST, Saturday and Sunday. “If somebody is gifted as a performer and they wanna come work for a WWE, if they wanna come to a largest height in a universe where they can truly uncover what they do off on a tellurian basis, afterwards WWE is a choice for them. If they wanna come work for us and they’re really talented, afterwards I’m meddlesome in articulate to them, and that’s opposite a board.

“To me, anytime anybody questions me on a talent — Am we meddlesome in them? — a fact that you’re doubt me on them means that chairman is substantially flattering talented, so, yes, I’m interested.”

Kenny Omega breaks by Japan’s wrestling barriers to spin a star

Kenny Omega became a Japanese wrestling prodigy and reached rare landmarks for a unfamiliar wrestler interjection to his passion for a internal enlightenment and loyalty to a wrestling business.

Omega, whose genuine name is Tyson Smith, sealed a developmental understanding with WWE in 2005, behaving in Deep South Wrestling, yet he requested his recover in Aug 2006 and has given been vicious of a promotion. He instead set his sights on apropos a star in Japan, carrying grown adult preoccupied with a internal culture, including Japanese wrestling, anime and video games, that all enthuse his in-ring character and appearance.

He began furloughed Japan in 2008 with Dramatic Dream Team, where he done his name with destiny WWE Cruiserweight Classic standout Kota Ibushi, with their matches as a “Golden Lovers” garnering courtesy from a NJPW. Omega afterwards sealed with NJPW full time in Oct 2014 and was shortly suggested as a newest member of a “Bullet Club,” a coterie of mean “gaijin” (foreigners). In Jan 2016, he transposed a then-WWE-bound AJ Styles as a personality of a organisation before going on to have a breakthrough year full of strange matches that saw him win a prestigious G1 contest to acquire a pretension shot opposite IWGP heavyweight champion Okada during a Tokyo Dome.

He settled in an talk with Sports Illustrated in a buildup to a Jan. 4 uncover — NJPW’s biggest of a year — that he would “rather be a fable that never stepped feet in a WWE,” and that winning a IWGP pretension means some-more to him than any WWE championship.

“I hear a lot of conjecture infrequently about ‘This man has been operative for a prolonged time, so they wouldn’t have interest, or they would, or they’re going after football players, or this or that,'” continued Levesque. “I am meddlesome in talent during each level. Somebody with charisma, somebody with a It factor, somebody who’s athletic, who can do what we do, I’m meddlesome in them.”

Levesque also reliable that a United Kingdom Championship contest could spin a predecessor to a weekly WWE uncover in a UK, should a two-night contest during a ancestral Empress Ballroom in Blackpool infer successful this weekend. That could, in turn, lead to WWE expanding with tournaments and weekly shows in other tellurian markets, with Japan expected high on a list.

“When it comes to other markets, it’s apparently a large world, and there are a lot of markets that WWE already exists in, that WWE is already large in,” Levesque added. “Could we have a some-more on-the-ground participation there with a some-more localized product? Absolutely.

“The plea now for us is some-more prioritizing where we wanna go. The UK being kind of a biggest, many sparkling fan bottom outward of a U.S. is what done this a apparent initial choice. From there, it gets a small bit some-more vital in how we devise out.”

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