WWE is a ‘data powerhouse’ interjection to content, expansion and digital, CFO says

January 19, 2018 - WWE

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WWE CFO says association is a 'data powerhouse'

With scarcely $800 million in revenues, a $2.6 billion marketplace top and 850 million amicable media followers, World Wrestling Entertainment isn’t a little ticketing business it was 35 years ago.

A large renovate of a wrestling network in 2013 and 2014 gathering a “wave of growth” that done it a executive actor in digital media notwithstanding a clearly niche content, CFO George Barrios told CNBC.

“Content, continued tellurian expansion and a direct-to-consumer digital has incited us into a information powerhouse,” Barrios told “Mad Money” horde Jim Cramer in a Friday interview. “We’ve seen about 70 percent expansion given 2008, and we consider there’s a lot some-more runway.”

Barrios mostly credited WWE CEO Vince McMahon for transforming a association from a tiny tours-and-tickets business to a tellurian media giant.

Now, a association boasts some-more amicable media supporters than any sports code in a universe and is a No. 1 sports channel and No. 2 channel altogether on YouTube, Barrios said.

The CFO combined a “crazy stat:” in 2010, WWE’s online videos were noticed 500 million times. In 2017, WWE’s online video views grew to 20 billion.

“We call it tiering a content,” Barrios pronounced of a company’s calm placement strategy. “A lot of people take a calm and put it all over all a opposite platforms and it cannibalizes.”

WWE takes a opposite approach. Some of a calm is constructed privately for paid radio (about 5 hours a week). The association also produces about 600 hours of calm for YouTube, Facebook and a WWE website that is opposite from what paid TV viewers are getting.

“Then we’re going to do about [300], 400 hours on a direct-to-consumer network to super-serve a many ardent fans,” Barrios said. “So all those opposite platforms, opposite calm … it raises all boats.”

One of a many extraordinary elements of a tellurian arise of WWE — a No. 1 nation that consumes WWE video in a universe is India — is a clearly niche calm offering.

Invoking author and mythologist Joseph Campbell’s biography, The Hero’s Journey, Barrios explained WWE’s dual arch appeals: storytelling and simplicity.

“[Campbell] pronounced each enlightenment via tellurian story tells stories a same way: heroes, enemies, overcome. So John Cena, Katniss Everdeen, Luke Skywalker; it’s a hero’s journey,” a CFO said. “The second thing is a competition centers around a ring. It’s a simplest thing. Everyone understands it. That’s because India’s a No. 1 marketplace in terms of consumption.”

WWE is a 'data powerhouse' interjection to content, expansion and digital, CFO says

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