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January 18, 2018 - WWE

WWE has a bequest TV business and a flourishing subscription streaming app — and it’s a hulk on YouTube, Facebook and other amicable platforms. But as a association skeleton to do some-more scripted and unscripted programming for TV, streaming video and amicable platforms, it’s putting many a video teams in one place to do so.

For instance, WWE premiered a new live uncover on Facebook Watch on Jan. 16 called a “Mixed Match Challenge,” that facilities WWE stars competing in a tag-team contest for charities. Each partial of a 12-episode array will run for 20 to 30 mins and will underline additional short-form calm meant to hype opposite matches and episodes to WWE’s Facebook audience.

Facebook is looking for strange shows that can have amicable and interactive elements over a core episodes. With WWE’s talent and zealous fan base, a association can emanate community-centric programming, pronounced Michelle Wilson, arch income and selling officer for WWE. The association will use a talent’s amicable pages to foster a show, and let fans opinion on a final competitors from a Raw and SmackDown brands.

“I’ve sat in all of a meetings as we’ve been building this show, and we’ve continued to contend that we can't consider about this as a unchanging TV show,” Wilson said. “Our writers are sitting in a same room with a TV, digital and amicable teams to figure out how to do it. It’s a opposite proceed that’s loyal to a Facebook height and a fans on Facebook.”

Last year, WWE purchased another bureau space during a Stamford, Connecticut, domicile and constructed 1,500 hours of strange programming, including 600 hours of short-form digital video. As a association expands a video prolongation business this year, WWE wants a long-form producers and editors to lay beside a short-form producers and editors. Overall, WWE has about 350 employees within a TV and digital media divisions.

As partial of WWE’s video enlargement plans, a company’s Los Angeles-based WWE Studios unit, that formerly focused on melodramatic and home-entertainment releases, is now actively building and pitching uncover ideas to TV and digital buyers. WWE has some knowledge on this front, with shows such as “Total Divas” on E! and a Ric Flair documentary for ESPN’s “30 for 30” series.

“Up until now, an event such as ‘Divas’ or a Ric Flair documentary would come along, and we’d flip it,” pronounced George Barrios, arch plan and financial officer for WWE. “We are now prepared to go from opportunistic to aggressive; this is now a vital imperative, either it’s TV, Netflix, Amazon or even YouTube Red.”

The WWE executives pronounced they’re means to turn assertive in partial due to a success a association has found building an assembly on digital and amicable platforms.

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WWE’s subscription streaming service, WWE Network, had 1.51 million profitable members as of Sep 2017 and is bringing in twice a income of a bequest pay-per-view business, a association said.

On outmost platforms, WWE also looms large: On YouTube, WWE’s categorical channel has 21 million subscribers and 19.5 billion lifetime views, creation it a second-most noticed YouTube channel of all time. On Facebook, WWE’s categorical page has 37.8 million followers. WWE stars, too, have vast followings on this platform. John Cena’s Facebook page, for instance, has some-more than 45 million likes; YouTube channels such as The Bella Twins and a gaming-focused UpUpDownDown any have over a million subscribers.

Overall, WWE pronounced it surpassed 20 billion views opposite digital and amicable platforms final year.

This strech comes in accessible when WWE goes to marketplace with opposite array projects, Wilson said. “We do a code presentation, that hits on [WWE’s digital and amicable numbers], and afterwards we representation a uncover concept,” she said. “We’re means to remind them that when they’re determining on a show, we can move in a outrageous amicable audience.”

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