WWE Is Ready For A John Cena Return, But Is There Tension Between The Two Sides?

June 2, 2017 - WWE

WWE and John Cena will shortly reunite, though things might not accurately be organic between them.

Credit: WWE.com

Credit: WWE.com

Although a new twitter by Cena indicates that he’s set to lapse to WWE on a Jul 4th part of SmackDown, there have been several indications of probable tragedy between “The Champ” and a place he’s called home given 2002:

It might have started when a 16-time WWE Champion was removed from SmackDown’s new intro last month, that seemed submissive during initial though came only after Cena, who had formerly been rumored to face The Undertaker during WrestleMania 33, found himself stranded in a reduce label churned tab group compare during that uncover instead. That seemed to endorse conjecture that WWE is scheming for life after Cena, that is peculiar given his consistent written joining to remaining with a company for a prolonged haul.

Nonetheless, WWE doesn’t seem too vehement about his incursion into Hollywood and a ever-increasing volume of hiatuses he’s taken to film cinema or other projects. The Jun 5th book of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter pointed out an intriguing regard about WWE’s rejection to foster Cena’s arriving hosting gig on deteriorate dual of American Grit, his movie The Wall or any of his other outward projects (anything not involving WWE, essentially), maybe a weird pierce given that he’s WWE’s many high-profile star. 

Cena has some-more than warranted a right to be WWE’s second top paid star, according to FORBES, as he’s prolonged proven to be a outrageous disproportion builder when it comes to so many aspects of WWE’s business, including merchandise sales, TV ratings and live eventuality attendance. Yet, WWE has mostly abandoned Cena’s outward endeavors, that positively comes opposite as a bizarre preference given a company’s unchanging attempts to confederate serve into other aspects of cocktail culture.

Is there some-more to WWE ignoring Cena’s non-WWE accomplishments than meets a eye?

You have to cruise a really genuine probability that WWE officials aren’t anxious with Cena holding so many breaks from WWE as that series has swelled to during slightest 5 extensive hiatuses over a final few years, and Cena himself has pronounced that it’s “the film guys,” not WWE, who are obliged for those absences. Especially given a blue brand’s deplorable TV viewership since WrestleMania 33, it positively could be frustrating association officials that Cena is left when he’s indispensable most.

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