WWE Is Shrewdly Using Royal Rumble Controversy for Storyline Purposes

February 1, 2015 - WWE

SmackDown Live kicked off with Triple H addressing what WWE is job a Royal Rumble controversy.

Triple H alike WWE’s ongoing liaison to that of a NFL. He milked a events that transpired during Sunday’s pay-per-view. 

Last Sunday, Daniel Bryan’s rejecting caused #CancelWWENetwork to trend worldwide. Mainstream coverage, also concurred by Triple H, put WWE in a eye of a informed storm.

But a Triple H impression wasn’t articulate about those events. Instead, a WWE COO focused on Roman Reigns receiving assistance from The Rock. Because of a argumentative finish, Triple H betrothed to make a large proclamation that will “shake a WWE to a core.”

WWE’s made debate is a intelligent approach to wobble fan snub into storylines.

The genuine reason fans are indignant can't be addressed in kayfabe terms. Fans are dissapoint since a WWE coronet who destine a formula didn’t collect Bryan to win.

Even in a Reality Era of WWE’s together universe, that’s only too real.

Instead, WWE concocted a storyline-friendly debate so disenfranchised fans of a Yes Movement (and Curtis Axel) can recover hope. 

In 2014, WWE found itself reacting to a transformation that eventually grew out of a control. Thus far, WWE is out in front of a intensity revolt. At a same time, The Authority has combined a intensity roadblock for Reigns.

This ongoing Royal Rumble storyline will emanate a argument between Reigns and The Authority. Reigns confronted Triple H on SmackDown per a announcement, and destiny tragedy is inevitable.

A adversary between Reigns and The Authority creates Reigns easier to digest among hurt fans of a Internet Wrestling Community. It also creates magnetism for a babyface, who might have to urge his Royal Rumble win in competition.

WWE realizes a intensity for fans to concede a WrestleMania categorical event. In sequence solve a genuine debate that could jeopardise a best-laid plans, a feign debate is necessary.

Listen for more on a Royal Rumble controversy, #CancelWWENetwork and a much-needed Yes Summit.

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