WWE Is Using Reverse Psychology to Foreshadow a Roman Reigns Win

March 18, 2015 - WWE

WrestleMania will positively have philharmonic and star power, though WWE has taken a torment out of either Roman Reigns will win in a categorical event.

The association has pushed a account of Brock Lesnar‘s prevalence and Reigns’ proof doubters wrong so tough that it’s clearly a bit of retreat psychology. Reigns is winning a World Heavyweight Championship; WWE has been revelation us so for weeks.

It creates small clarity to kick fans over a conduct with a thought that Reigns is on a tour full of obstacles usually to have him tumble usually short. Just as WWE questions either John Cena will kick a contingency usually before he does, usually as it questioned final year either Daniel Bryan could overcome The Authority heading adult to a indicate where did usually that, a association is divulgence a destiny around clumsy foreshadowing.

WWE has left this track with Lesnar before. Flash behind to when Eddie Guerrero challenged him for a WWE pretension in 2004.

Lesnar was requisitioned as a unstoppable force, most as he is today. He talked about not usually wanting to kick a challenger, though that he wanted to woe him.

Guerrero was a friendly cheater, a large loser opposite a bigger man. The story heading adult to a pay-per-view centered around Latino Heat looking to transparent nonetheless another jump in a life full of them. He told Lesnar on SmackDown, “The usually thing we have going for me is that each barrier that has been put in front of me, we have overcome.”

And he did. Guerrero outlasted a beast and won a WWE title. 

This feels a lot like what WWE is doing with Reigns. Much of a storyline is about Reigns relocating past obstacles, a final one being Lesnar himself.

Instead of battling his self-evident middle demons as Guerrero did, Reigns is holding on fans who have deserted his Royal Rumble win, who have finished it transparent they don’t trust he’s prepared for this spot.

And WWE has infused that into a plot.

It had him put his No. 1 contender mark on a line opposite Bryan, a male many cite to pretension WrestleMania. The denunciation used in this argument seemed to be directly vocalization to Reigns’ critics in a stands.

About his Royal Rumble win, he said, “Apparently, that wasn’t good enough.”

After losing to Reigns during Fastlane, Bryan talked adult Reigns’ heart, stranded out his palm and offering Reigns congratulations. It couldn’t be some-more transparent that WWE was perplexing to residence Bryan’s fans and remonstrate them that Reigns is value supporting.

Asking Bryan to put him over like that, both in a in ring and on a mic afterward, is WWE prepping a throng for Reigns seizing a title. WWE asked Bryan to pass a flame before Lesnar does on Mar 29.

The story has shifted given afterwards to a doubts about Reigns’ chances removing louder and The Big Dog defiantly pulling behind opposite them.

So most of a build for WrestleMania’s marquee compare has seen Paul Heyman tell fans that Reigns can’t kick Lesnar. He has warned that a violence is entrance to a No. 1 contender. He has teased that Lesnar can harmonize a UFC and WWE titles if he wants to.

The manager is portrayal a Reigns feat as an stupidity so that WrestleMania might finish in a unfit happening.

On Monday’s Raw, Heyman barked to Reigns, “You can’t kick Brock Lesnar. You can’t kick adult Brock LesnarYou can’t kick Brock Lesnar during WrestleMania. You can’t kick Brock Lesnar for a WWE title. And we can’t beat Brock Lesnar for a WWE pretension during WrestleMania.”

The summary repeats, drummed into a skulls by a tranquil messenger. This purpose of this Reigns-can’t-win mantra is to make a contingency seem some-more opposite him, to make his unavoidable feat seem some-more special.

WWE wishes to broach a astonishing and so is looking to figure a audience’s expectations. 

It has finished that with other voices as well, as Heyman isn’t a usually revelation Reigns he can’t win during WrestleMania. Mark Henry stormed behind to SmackDown final week usually to broach that same message.

That night, he told Reigns of a repairs The Beast Incarnate did to him in a past. The large male questioned either Reigns even knew what he was removing into.

He said, “You consider we know it all, we did it all. You ain’t been nowhere.”

That’s going to change in a hurry. Reigns is set to be in a biggest compare of a biggest wrestling compare of a year. Some might be uncertain if he will attain as champion, though there is distant reduction doubt about either he will turn champion.

WWE has focused on convincing fans that Reigns is a underdog, that Lesnar is no small man. It’s a same story a association told before Guerrero took down The Beast Incarnate.

Reigns’ story will finish a same way, championship in hand, exhilaration soaking over him. 

Even Reigns’ new T-shirt is a means of foreshadowing. It seems to answer a doubt of either he can win a title. It’s a spoiler of sorts, reading “I can. we will.”

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